Christmas Candy Buffets :)

* Edit post...Opps, I just realized that this post was not published in December! I guess the various holiday events, trip to the East coast for Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC), and falling sick in the freezing weather put a toil on me that I forgot. :P
Anyways, here it is.....guess its nice to just see pics...and reminiscent the events :)
Christmas is a time full of gatherings and good times, with good desserts. For several parties, we had candy buffets, inspired from Reed and Kendricks Wedding Candy buffet. :)
At the Behavioral Health Institue :
Finally, at the BMC...we had Candy buffet for the PM Shift..
More pictures can be found at:

For the MC, EC, BMC, HSH Nutritional Services party, we had candy buffet too...

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