sesame balls/ sweet potato balls

Happy Sabbath! I miss these awesome people...golden angels

They're part of the Golden Angels singing group that was started out by the North Asian Pacific Division.

When I heard the song, " The Champion of Love," on youtube, I immediately changed my blog music from "The Prayer" by Josh Groban & Charlotte Church to The Champion of Love. It reminded me of the good times I had with GA in Hangzhou and Shanghai. I miss them... Those brief days were richly blessed by their messages in music & company.
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Videos I took... Get together with the Lord

@ aunty Ros's place::: Loving God, loving others

This was what I made for vespers:::

Deep-fried potato balls or sesame balls.

sesame balls

wrapper: 300g glutinous flour, 300g sweet potatoes (or Yam, as the Americans call it ), 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda, 150g sugar (or less), 150g sesame seeds, 100 ml boiling water

Filling: 420g sweetened lotus paste/red bean paste


Steam yams and mash into a paste. Add in glutinous rice flour, sugar, bicarbonate of soda. Mix well. Pour in boiling water and stir with chopsticks. When it is slightly cooled, knead into a dough. Weigh each filling 10g. Dough at 20g each. ( It's good to measure it if you want accurate amounts BUT I roughly guessed the weight..lol) Flatten the filling, wrap filling and form a round ball. Coat with some water and then press with sesame seeds. Press firmly.(important! otherwise the sesame seeds will come off when frying) Heat oil. Deep fry sesame balls till they float. (lazy me, i used a pan half-full of oil and hence, had to turn it over instead of allowing it float up). Remove from wok.

(troublesome::: frying has to be done twice!)

AGAIN, on high heat, deep fry sesame balls for the second time until they become golden brown. EAT immediately!

It can be seen in foodcourts where it's sold piping hot- most delicious!

Note: Best to fill the dough with filling immediately instead of leaving it out in the open to do later. The dough will dry out and harden at the edges. Only when it is in it's ready-to-fry shape that you can leave it in the refrigerator for later use.

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Helen said...


Wow! I couldn't believe I'd find your blog. And you DO cook! My, I came across your blogspot 'cause I was just mindlessly searching for Golden Angels pics. Google brough me here. lol.

Anyway, nice to see great photos & videos of us here in your page. Miss you, my dear.

Keep the faith.


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