Weight loss: Basic meal guidelines & 1200 kcal diet

Weight Management is one of our major issues in society today. Usually, dietitians would use a nutritional assessment form to assess the client's needs. Everyone is different and hence, would need personalized help.
Here's my first follow-up plan personalized just for **. **++tons of encouragement** (I thought I'll post it up as readers like you might benefit from it i.e IF it applies to you. )
"Dear ~~*,
Thank you for filling out the form. It has given me a better idea of what you would like to achive. Good news! Your BMI of ?* is within within the normal range. Hence, I would help you achieve your goal ideal body weight.
After assessing your concerns, I feel that it is appropriate to send you two articles that are pertinent to your weight loss success.
1. Basic meal guidlines would give you an idea of portion sizes and snack ideas. It is important to control your appetite and it is possible! Check out the snack ideas when you are hungry.
2. I would suggest the 1200 kcal diet. The article below gives you a good idea of what can be eaten for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. The emphasis is fresh is best & more fruits and vegetables.
cheers to a New YOU!"
* = name or wt unknown to protect client
(Using the Exchange System and Choosing “Healthy” Carbohydrates)

Total choices per day from the food groups:
3 fruit choices

7 oz low-fat/lean protein choices
3 “healthy” bread/starch choices

3 vegetable choices
1 ½ non-fat milk choices

1 ½ cups raw vegetable salad
3 fat choices

BREAKFAST: { the foods in ( -) are suggested items for you}
1 fruit choice (½ fresh grapefruit )
1 starch choice (1 slice sprouted or stone ground bread, toasted)
2 low-fat protein (¼ cup cottage cheese or 1 scrambled egg substitute)
1 fat choice (2 Tbsp light cream cheese (includes fat choice)
1 non-fat milk
1 tsp sugar-free jelly (free food)

2 oz lean protein choices( 2 oz tuna, packed in water, drained)
1 starch choice (½ cup curly pasta)
2 vegetables(½ cup broccoli and ½ cup carrots, lightly steamed)
1 fruit choice (1 small apple)
1 fat choice(2 Tbsp reduced-fat Italian salad dressing )

(make a pasta salad with the tuna, pasta, vegetables and dressing. You may add other vegetables to the salad like green onions, green pepper, celery, etc.)

3 oz lean protein choice
1 starch choice(½ cup boiled new potatoes)
2 vegetable choices (½ cup steamed Italian squash with stewed tomatoes)(1 ¼ cup tossed salad )
1 fruit choice (1 ¼ cup strawberries, sliced)
½ non-fat milk (½ cup plain, non-fat yogurt, sweetened with vanilla and Splenda)
1 fat choice (2 Tbsp reduced-fat salad dressing)

NOTE: If you find you are getting hungry between meals try taking one or two choices from one of your meals and adding a raw vegetable to it for a snack. For example, use one of your protein choices from breakfast and have 1 oz string cheese with 10 baby carrots for a snack. Or make a smoothie with one of your fruit choices and part of your milk choices (½ cup yogurt and ½ cup milk sweetened with vanilla and Splenda). Make sure your meals are no more that 5 hours apart.

If you choose to occasionally have some extra food, like a small dessert, a little guacamole or some extra fat, limit the amount to 100-150 calories. Be careful to note the calorie amount of the food you are eating and to limit the extra calories to only 1-2 times per week.

*If you do not drink milk or eat yogurt be sure to take a calcium supplement (one containing Vitamin D). Replace the milk (100 calories per cup) with fruit, acceptable carbohydrate or your “extra food”.


~Eat three to four regular meals per day.

~Keep your meals no more than 4-5 hours apart. If the time span is longer, plan on having a snack between those meals.
~If desired, include 1-2 snacks per day. Appropriate snacks* must be chosen.
~Keep your meals balanced – include a serving of protein, fruit and/or vegetable, milk product, appropriate starch or whole grain (“healthy carb”), and a little fat.
~Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day (combined).
~Purchase lean meat and poultry, low-fat cheese, mayonnaise, margarine, salad dressing and non-fat or 1% milk. Avoid fried foods.
~Be sure to include protein, fiber (plant foods), and fat at each meal. These nutrients will “stay” with you longer and keep you satisfied longer.
~Any non-caloric liquids are allowed. Drink two quarts of water each day.
~Limit sweets (cookies, ice cream, candy, pastries) to 150-200 calorie portions.


Quick Serving Sizing:

~gives you a good idea what one serving is~
Lean protein – size and thickness of the palm of your hand
Starch – size and thickness of the palm of your hand
Vegetable – size of the palm of your hand, slightly mounded
Fruit – size of a tennis ball
Fat– woman’s thumb tip = 1 tsp
(use for oil, butter, margarine, mayo)
Fat man’s thumb tip = ½ Tbsp
(Use 1 Tbsp. for salad dressing, low-fat margarine or mayo)
Non-fat milk or yogurt – 6-8 ounces

*Snack Ideas – choose high quality snacks that contain a fruit, vegetable or “healthy carb” along with some protein. Limit to 150-200 calories. Try these satisfying snacks:
~7-10 almonds with 7-10 baby carrots
~1 oz low-fat cheese with 5-6 low-fat whole grain crackers
~¼ cup low-fat cottage cheese with ½ cup canned pineapple (canned fruit should be canned in juice or light syrup)
~6 oz light yogurt with fruit
~2-3 rye crackers with tuna and small amount of low-fat mayo
~½ sandwich made with whole grain bread, left-over lean meat, or fish and small amount of low-fat mayo
~1 oz string cheese with raw veges
~1 Tbsp natural old-fashioned peanut butter with 1 stalk celery

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