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Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Friendship Day!
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Alright, it's not 14th Feb in the US but a friend in Australia just msn me; "Happy Valentine;s day!"
I was inspired by Yohana's yam and coconut agar agar and decided to try it out! It's my first attempt with fancy agar agar and learnt quite a few things 'on-the-job'.
When I brought this to potluck, someone mentioned, "Who'll be the first one to touch or cut Cherry's heart?" In the end, I cut it up because everyone were shy or scared or ? don't know.. lol.
Thanks, Yohana for this description!!
(cut-and-paste from her email: to make the strip-look heart with alternating layers of yam and coconut.)
"Cherry, you need two parts of agar agar. One part with coconut milk and the other with yam paste. Take some coconut jelly and pour into the heart shape mould and let it set. It will be a thin layer. Unmould the white jelly and cut into strips and then put back the strips into the heart pan , alternating with empty parts so that the yam portion can be poured in.First you pour a layer of white agar agar into your heart pan and let it set. Take out the set agar agar and cut into strips then lay back into the heart pan. Then you pour the balance agar agar e.g. 300 gm. each of white then alternating with the yam colour. Make sure each layer is more than half set before pouring in the next. If it's fully set, use a fork to scratch the surface so that the next layer will stick on. Continue till the agar agar layering is finished."
Actually, another way that can be done is to slice the white coconut agar into strip and remove the alternating layers before pouring in the yam agar. Cool it in the fridge until set before adding the next layer. Alternate with different flavors.
For the heart-shaped one above, the same method is used. First add yam agar into a heart mold and refrigerate it until set. Unmold and add it into a larger heartshaped tin and add the coconut agar around. Alternate with different flavors to get a cool look!

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AikoVenus said...

That sounds tasty and looks so pretty!

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