Chinese Cooking @ LLBN Cooking Studio

Last Wednesday, I did 2 cooking segment on Loma Linda Broadcasting Network. It was a live show~ which means that no errors can be made. Each segment was 10 minutes, making it a total of only 20 minutes. It was really short time to show 3 recipes. When the video was uploaded onto youtube, it was kind of weird looking at myself on TV, embarassing I woudl say. :P
The first one was Tofu Cabbage roll.
Tofu Cabbage Rolls
1/2 box of firm tofu
4 dried shitake mushrooms - soaked and minced (reserve water for making gravy)
1/2 carrot, diced
Green onions, chopped finely
5 cabbage leaves
1 egg
4 oz water chestnuts, diced finely
Corn starch
Seasonings for tofu mixture :
Salt, pepper, mushroom seasoning, onion and garlic powder


Squeeze tofu between paper towels to remove excess water. Mash tofu with a fork. Add minced shitake mushrooms, diced carrots, minced green onions, seasonings, egg and corn starch. Mix well. Add enough corn starch to get a thick consistency.

Rinse cabbage, trim the stem and blanch in boiling water for a few seconds until tender.

Fill each cabbage leaf with enough filling and roll up.

Steam the cabbage roll for 10-15 minutes.
For the gravy: Boil the mushroom stock. Add seasonings like vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce, soy sauce and pepper. Add cornstarch mixture and allow the heat to thicken the mixture. Pour gravy over rolls and garnish as desired.

Oriental Cabbage Salad

1/2 head cabbage, chopped ( or  Napa cabbage)
6 green onions, chopped
2 Shallots
½ cup corn
12 oz Vegetarian Ham/ Chicken ( Opt. )

1 package vegan ramen noodle
0.5 tsp garlic powder
0.5 tsp onion powder
1 tsp mushroom seasoning
2/3 cup slivered almonds
2/3 cup shelled sunflower seeds ( OPT)
3 tablespoons sesame seeds

4 1/2 tablespoons rice vinegar / lemon juice
3 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup salad oil
¼ cup sesame oil
1 Tbsp soy sauce


1. Crush the ramen noodle into small pieces. Add in the garlic powder, onion powder and mushroom seasoning. Bake the noodles, sesame seeds and almonds in oven for 10 minutes at 350F. Set aside to cool.

2. Mix all salad ingredients. Set aside.

3. Mix all dressing ingredients.

4. Pour dressing over salad mixture and toss together. Just before serving, top the noodle mix.

Serves: 4-6
Finally, mummy's corn soup :)


  • Shallots
  • 5 oz vegetarian ham, finely cubed
  • 5 oz water chestnuts, chopped
  • 2-3 shitake mushroom, chopped
  • 1 tin Vegetable Stock or water ( about 400g)
  • 1 tin Cream Style Corn (about 400g)
  • 1 Egg, beaten
  • 2 tsp Cornflour mixed with 2 Tbsp Water
  • Dash of Pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Light Soy Sauce
  • Dash of Sesame Oil
  • Stir-fry sauce, 1 tsp
  • Mushroom seasoning
Sprigs of cilantro and green onions

  1. Soak mushrooms in hot water. Squeeze out the water before mincing it finely.
  2. Cut veggie ham, water chestnuts, shitake mushroom into small cubes.
  3. Heat up the oil and fry shallots until golden brown. Add in mushroom and continue frying for 5 minutes. Add in soy sauce, pepper.
  4. Add in the creamed corn into the pot. Fill the can with water or vegetable stock.
  5. Add 1 Tbsp light soy sauce.
  6. When hot, add in beaten egg or egg white and stir gently, so the egg cooks in strands.
  7. Allow it to cook until boiling before adding the corn starch mixture. Give the cornstarch slurry a quick re-stir and add to the soup, stirring quickly to thicken. Drizzle in sesame oil and pepper.
  8. Divide the soup into individual bowls.
  9. Scatter a few strips of green onions/cilantro on top of soup.
  10. Serve.

Vegan Kale Salad & Healthy Taste of LA W/ Dr Colin Campbell

Dr. Campbell made 2 keynote speaches and had a question-and-answer session.

 Cooking Demos with various chefs.
 Here's a brief summary of the recipes that were demonstrated:
-Chef Ramses Bravo demonstrated Oatmeal "French Toast", Banana -Pecan Bars, Coconut-Vanilla Granola and Dried Peach Sauce
-Chef Eric Tucker, Executive chef of Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco demonstrated Roasted Portobello Mushroom over a spelt Berry and Black Bean salad with Salsa Verde, Seaweed Salad with Bean Sprout and Miso Dressing
-Chef AJ made very delicious kale chips
-Ann Gentry, CEO of Real Food Daily Restaurant made Maple-Dijon Tempeh and Vegetable stew that is absolutely yummy
-Chef Eric LeChasseur from Seed Kitchen Restaurant made Butternut Squash and Kidney Bean Potage, Hazelnut Baci, and seaweed Salad with Bean Sprouts and Miso dressing

-Lindsay Nixon made Chocolate zucchini muffins, carrot cake cupcakes and instant cookie dough.
I bought several cook books from these presenters. They include: The Nut Gourmet, The Artful Vegan, The Millennium Cookbook, Vegan Family Meals, The Real Food Daily cookbook, The Happy Herbivore and Love Sante.

I loved the Kale Chips so much that I decided to make a Kale salad with the same dressing. :) It was made several times befoe coming up with this winning recipe~  :)
Vegan Kale Salad

4-6 heads curly kale, torn into pieces
½ Fuji apple, diced into cubes
¼ Red onion, diced into cubes
6 Cherry tomatoes, halved
4 oz Cranberries
4 oz Walnuts

Nut Dressing:
8 ounces raw pine nuts
8 ounces raw cashews
1 cup nutritional yeast
¾ cup of lemon juice
½ cup low sodium miso paste

Black pepper, dash
Salt, dash
Mrs. Dash, dash
Garlic powder, ½ tsp
Onion powder, ½ tsp
1 generous teaspoon red pepper flakes

Place all the dressing ingredients into a food processor and process until smooth and creamy. Water or olive oil may be added to give it a creamy consistency.
Place all the dry ingredients and seasoning into a large bowl and pour the nut mixture over the kale. Using gloves, massage nut mixture into kale until it is well coated.



"Jungle-themed" Benefits Fair

Ambrosia Fruit Salad
 Monkey Mix : Bake coconut shreds, cranberries, cashews, olive oil, brown sugar, and salt. After these items have been cooled, mix in chocolate chips, and banana chips.
 Ape-Man Treats: Cookies!
 Passion -Guava 7-Up Juice
Animal Crackers
(Pictures taken on my iphone. )

Foodservice Week 2011

was first week of october but I did not have the time to blog about it so this is a back-dated post..

Monday: Hawaiian -theme food
Wednesday: Sweet Dessert Treats
Thursday: Home-cooked meals
Friday: Pizza, Potato Twisters, Chicken Strips

Everyone's names were thrown in the raffle basket and a few names were drawn each day. Raffles comprised of serving dishes/ bowls, kitchen utility, book ( travel or cook), fleece blanket, container of nuts, box of candy and gift card.
Guesstimate~ guess the number of candy in each jar, and you'll get to take it back home! :)
A coupon booklet was also given out. It consists of vouchers for - a free cookie, a free healthy snack, one free ice cream, a free hot dog, a free fountain beverage of choice, a free whole hand fruit, a free bag of chips, a free meal, and a get-out-of-jail-free card for minor violation. Also, we gave out ruby -studded pins with minature forks and spoons for everyone to wear. Appreciate all they do......thank you! :)


South of France Cooking class

@ Ecole de Cuisine Cooking School....
Pizzaladiere ~

Basque style chicken ~
Ratatouille Nicoise ~
The instructor, Chef Zadi did not hand out recipes because he said that it is all about the "touch" and feel. Notes were scribbled and here is a brief description of how each dish was made. :)
The first dish was Pizzaladiere-  a light pizza without tomato sauce.
To make the dough, add 250g flour, 20g sugar, 5g salt into a bowl. Next, add the wet ingredients- 3 eggs, 2 T olive oil, and yeast mixture ( 10g yeast and 1/4 cup H20) to the dry ingredients. Knead the dough until it does not stick to the bowl. Add olive oil into a bowl before placing the well-kneaded dough. Wrap and leave it to proof, approximately 1 hr.
Sprinkle oil into wax paper. Roll out dough onto a quarter sheet pan. Add whatever toppings you like but this was what we used...caramelize onions, anchovies, rosemary, thyme, garlic, heirloom tomatoes, olives. Grate Parmesan cheese on top of mixture. Bake at 400F. Before serving, sprinkle olive oil on top of pizza. :) I love this pizza crust! :)

Time to have some fun with cutting and cleaning chicken... :( Another reason for being a vegetarian.... :P Here are several pictures on the cutting process, after removing all the items inside the chicken...
 Make a slit to see the cartilage. Remove it.
 Use scissors to cut the fat, and middle of the chicken
 Cut it into half and remove more fat at the ends
 Cut the drumsticks side cartilage ends. ( for presentation purpose)
Season with salt, pepper, chopped herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary), lemon ( cut small wedges of half a lemon, and juice the other half lemon), olive oil, saffron, preserved lemon ( place lemon and salt in container and let it age for a month), 1 Tbsp of Tapenado olive paste.

Place the marinated chicken in a roasting pan. Add chicken stock ( To make: boil chicken bones, water, 50% onion, 25%carrots, 25% celery. Allow it to SIMMER for 24 hours. ) Top with chunks of butter. Bake at 350F for 1 hour. Remove from oven several times and pour liquid over chicken constantly. This is to keep it moist and tender.

The chicken tasted yum! The burst of lemon gives it a tangy feel with flavorful herby aroma. :)
Now on to Ratatouillr Nicoise.... To make tomato composte: Slit the ends of the tomatoes with an "X". Once the water boils, place it in for 30 seconds. After removing it from the hot water, dip it in cold water immediately. Remove the outer skin from the tomato and slice in to quarters. Remove the seeds and use the outer layer. Slice into strips.
Cut the eggplant into round circles, followed by strips. When cooking, be careful not to place too many pieces into the pan as it will "steam" the eggplant. "Brown" eggplant is what we want. Feel free to drizzle olive oil. Add salt and pepper.
Saute onion until it is caramelized. Add salt and pepper. Remove from pan.
Saute green/red bell peppers next. Add salt and pepper. Remove from pan.
Saute squash. Add salt and pepper. Remove from pan.
Saute garlic next.
( Trick- while chopping garlic, sprinkle some salt. This will keep the oils of the garlic. )
Bread Crumbs: Bake day-old bread in oven until crisp. Place in food processor until finely grounded.
To assemble:
1. Drizzle the bottom of the pan with olive oil
2. Add peppers
3. Followed by Onion and garlic
4. Next is the eggplant mixture
5. Add onions and garlic again
6. Add the sliced raw tomatoes
7. Sprinkle fresh thyme
8. Add squash
9. Top with breadcrumbs
10. Drizzle with olive oil
11. Add pieces of butter on the top layer
Bake at 325 for 35 minutes.
Remove from oven occasionally to drizzle olive oil on top.  
Every chef has his/her way  of cooking. I have been to many cooking class and felt that this was one of the classes that could be more organized and have better sanitary practices. I have to say that the chef knows his stuff and seemed to have great french cooking techniques. Overall, the food we cooked at this class tasted YUM! and I would like to try to make them on my own one of these days. :) I am so glad that J and I were able to go to this class together! :)
Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.