Wedding Candy Buffet

Did this candy buffet for Reed and Ken's wedding on 10.10.2010. Instead of favors on the table, guests are allowed to pick out whatever they want from the candy buffet table, fill them in mini bags and tie with purple ribbons.
The set-up
 Took a picture before getting changed for the ceremony...
 It took a few hours to dye the sugar with purple coloring. Need to rub the sugar and coloring with hands, wearing plastic gloves. It will not work with spatula or spoon as the dye will not be absorbed into the sugar. I wanted the flower bouquet effect and hence, stuck some flowers into the sugar pillar display.
 Layered the sugar with different shades of purple, and white...Stuck the chocolate lollipops in.....these were popular and went quickly!
 Light and Dark purple MM
 Gummy bears- purple, green, yellow
Electric tealight ( looks like a candle) in the midst of the chocolate mousse, and assorted mini cupcakes
Purple crystals on top of butter cookies and....
 purple chocolate on top of assorted chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies
On top of the white porcelain plates, I placed a purple shear cloth, and top it with a white paper dolly. This would give it a different look.
 Got changed and headed out to the ceremony area on the Terrace of The Hilton Hotel.
 Nice program booklet.
 Bride's maid flowers
 Headed out for reception after the ceremony...the wedding cake
 Look of the Candy buffet with the lights dimmed. My camera is not able to capture the effect of the mini lights placed on the table. Instead of candles, I bought the electric candles and placed them around the purple garland, on the cupcake stand, and around the table to give it a slight glow.

Cold Stone Ice Cream flavored jelly beans
Heart-shaped jelly beans. I like the heart-shaped end of the scoops.
The clear bags with silver tie, and ribbons for guest to tie around the bags.
 The banquet hall
 Congratulations Reed and Kendrick!
May God continue to bless both of you as you start a new chapter together! :)


dining table said...

I like the food details of this wedding. It is very beautiful and the color that is used is so adorable.

Mommies and Beyond said...

love the pictures and candy buffets! I am a new follwoer. would love for you to wing by and follow me @ http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com Plus im hosting a giveaway for Jewlery, from the company Bridal Bling, come enter!

Lotus said...

Hi Cherry,

Do you have a recipe for any mousse cake that was in the wedding candy photos?

Lotus said...

Hi Cherry,

Do you have a recipe for any mousse cake that was in the wedding photos?

Kaieza Damien said...

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mark lawrence said...

I love these Wedding Candy Buffet photos and I would like to use this idea in my fairy wedding that I am going to have at most beautiful New York wedding venues. I would also be using same color scheme. Hey, if you have table décor ideas then please share that also!

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