mango yogurt cake

So, this is the mango cake for Jayce.......

searched high and low for the best mangoes.... hope she had a good surprise with the mango flavor. :p
If you look at the picture closely, you'll see a bouquet of roses...to reflect her love for flowers! I had to use yellow to suit the mango color. I iced the cake with fresh cream but used buttercream frosting to pipe the flowers and borders. Between the layers are fresh cream, fresh mangoes, mango puree, mango essence and mango jam. Yogurt was used in the sponge cake, hence the name "mango yogurt cake"
Jane, this recipe is for you! Hope it helps................
Ingredients for the cake:
1 box Betty Crocker Super Moist golden vanilla cake mix
3/4 cup water
1/3 cup vegetable oil
3 egg whites
1 container (60z) yogurt (mango or low fat)
1 tsp mango essence
Heat oven to 350F. Generously grease and lightly flour, or spray with baking spray. In a large bowl, beat dry cake mix, water, oil, egg whites and yogurt on low speed 30 seconds; beat on medium speed 2 minutes. Pour into pan 8in x 3 in pan or two 8in pans. Bake for around 26- 30 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes. Run knife around sides of pan to loosen cake, remove from pan to cooling rack. Cool completely, about an hour.
-4 fresh mangoes, cut squared cubes
-mango sauce, jar brought from Trader Joes. Able to make it on your own if you blend fresh mangoes or canned mangoes into a sauce
-mango essence, 1/4 tsp
-fresh whipping cream, 12 ounces in liquid form before whipped.
Slice the cake into half. Seperate the fresh cream mixture into half. Add cubed mangoes into one batter leaving the other alone. Spread mango sauce onto the cake; followed by fresh cream +cubed mangoes mixture. Top with second layer, rounded side up. Frost side and top of cake with remaining fresh cream. Decorate as desired~~!
If you realized, I've talked about Jayce quite a lot in my blog because she was my "first" friend in college. I remembered the first time we met in REL class. Her simple, "so you're from Singapore?" started our 7 years of friendship. ( few days after we met, we realized that her dad actually gave some bible studies to my grandfather before he passed away many years ago. Talk about a-small-world!) I guess we've been close because we "clicked" and her peaceful and calm nature calms my hyper personality...j/k *wink*
Food for thought:
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."~ Marcel Proust

we had dinner @ Tokyo Restaurant

660 E Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA 92373

It is a Korean owned restaurant although it's called "Tokyo." I think most people know of sushi instead of kimbup here in CA. Well, the food was good and reasonably priced. I like the sushi rolls and vegetable tempura. Oh, the green (green? yes, but i can't figure out what it is) house salad dressing is special! It's a little small and crowded but other than that, I think it is a good place to try out!


Jane said...

can you post the recipe for this delicious-sounding cake? :)

Cherry Z said...

Hi Jane! (I don't know if you're the Jane that I know...)
Well, I will definitely post this recipe up- for you! lol Give me a little time, check back later.
rgds, cz

Alexander said...

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