Custard fruity cake

Beautiful on the outside and inside>>>>>Food for thought: " Beauty is always skin-deep. This beauty lies several inches into the skin. Though it cannot be seen, it can be felt. This is the only inner beauty that would ultimately bring you happiness.
I'll post up the recipes of the 2 cakes I learnt from Jialei center- Custard fruity cake and Longan cake ~~~
flour, 120g
egg, 1/2
milk, 1 tsp
margarine, 60g
sugar, 30g

1. Combine margarine, sugar and egg together and mix well. (use a flat beater). Start slow, gradually increasing speed and beat until soft before adding flour and milk to form a dough.
2. On floured surface, roll out the pastry dough and knead till pliable. Roll it out on prepared wax paper. Using a ring to make the sides level. Use the wax paper to lift up the dough and flip it onto the square flat tin 10"10" wax paper. Prick it with a fork. Bake for 15 minutes at 180C. At the 13th minute, remove from the oven and over turn it to brown the other side of the crust.
Next, custard filling.....
Custard Filling:
sugar, 100g
fresh milk, 300g
water, 350g
egg yolk, 4
custard powder, 90g
1. Crack eggs into a bowl to get the yolk. Add in custard powder, sugar and a little water to mix well. After they have dissolved, add in the rest of the liquid ingredients. Slowly cook custard over low heat and stir constantly.
Note: the pastry, sponge cake and fruits must be ready and cut before custard preparation because the following movements have to be done quickly. To get this layered look::::::
do these steps:::::
1. Spread a little custard filling over pastry.
2. Place a piece of sponge cake on the pastry layer
3. Slice the sponge cake into half.
4.Spread the custard over the sponge cake
5. Place the last piece of sponge over the custard.
6. Finally, pour the remaining custard filling over it and IMMEDIATELY( while the custard is still hot)
7. Arrange fruits over the top.
8. Pour agar agar solution on it.
9.Leave it to set in the fridge.
Fruits, 400g ( strawberry, kiwi, peach, honeydew)
jelly solution:
sugar, 110g
water, 500g
instant jelly, 30g
Boil together the above ingredients together. At the first boil, remove from heat and cool it for 3 minutes before pouring it onto the cake.
Note: if unable to find instant jelly, use agar agar powder, 10g. However, it will not look as clear as instant jelly powder. Agar will coagulate and make it look cloudy.
**for mango flavored custard, use mango puree instead of milk.

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Stephanie said...

Cherry, this is such a lovely cake!!! I must buy ingredients to try it. I think I will make this for my mom on Mother's Day. Where do you find the recipes? I fell in love with all the food you posted...drools! I'm trying to find Y3K cooking magazine from Malaysia..I may have to subscribe from there..the subscription is so high though, but worth it. I am studying to get my degree in Nutrition Science and will further it to Registered Dietician. You are really an inspiration.

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