Refreshing Choices:

~A new and improved menu survey!~

Yesterday was the first day we kicked off our one week menu survey @ BMC cafe- refreshing choices! We are revising our current menu to come up with a new and improved one and hence, want the feedback from the staff/patient. The survey is designed to analyze their likes and dislikes with the menu items served in the cafeteria. Questions covered include food and service.

Their response were very helpful

and everyone loved the free food samples we had everyday!

Strawberry or blueberry whole wheat bran flax muffins

whole wheat banana cake with flax seed.
The food samples above were given in line with what the Registered Dietitians presented.
Mon 7/28 – Fiber 101

Tue 7/29 – Eating Well To Feel Well

Yogurt parfait topped with

Our home-made Granola Bake Crunch

Will be posting up wed/thu/fri 's food sample and nutrition topics! Blessings!
Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.