D&D 's wedding

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!
I like this "guestbook" idea- each guests "signs" with a red thumbprint, followed by their signature...
Fresh strawberry and mango cake
Table center piece...fishes swimming in the bowl
When one finds love, sunshine will fill their souls. :)

The groom's dad shared:  Groom would record the song "you are my sunshine" on the piano several times before he sent it to her as a gift. Now, he really found his sunshine.

Bridal Shower

I made these Ghiradelli Chocolate Brownie Balls on a stick for R's Bridal shower. 
Bake off a pan of brownies. ( added fresh blueberries into the brownie batter to give it a tart taste, offsetting the sweetness of the brownies)
Cool down to room temperature and leave it in the refrigerator for several hours.
Cut 2 -3 inches out and roll them into balls. Wear plastic gloves as you roll them.
Cover the balls in plastic wrap and freeze it for several hours.
Remove from freezer, push through a white stick into the middle of the ball. 
Dip them into melted chocolate.
 Coat with any topping, in this case, I use Health bars. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Ideas for other variations: add other items into the brownie mix- chopped walnuts.almonds, pecans, berries, etc.
Coat the balls with colored sprinkles to match the holiday theme. For example, pink for Valentine's day, Christmas color sparkles, etc..
Wedding favor- Heart-shaped measuring spoons with a sugar cookie recipe.
The usual bridal shower game- dressing girls up up in "brides" dress.
Congratulations to R, and all the other engaged people. Happy for you! :)


Work pics

This picture was taken several weeks ago.......but it was one of the most exciting days for BHI (Behavioral Health Institute) - the day we got our licensing approved by the State inspector! Few of us got there at 7 AM to do a walk-through before she came. It reminded me of the 5 Ps...PPPPP ( Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance). We worked hard and did out part. Hence, when the inspection came, we breezed through it. :)
One of the doctors in the Psychology dept left us....and we did a mini farewell party for him.
It's crazy to say this but I really look forward to going to work! I am a firm believer of loving what you do.

Kids out there who have yet to find out your life's calling, I hope that you will have peace in your decisions and find something that you will want to do for the rest of your lives.

I am lucky to have found it early.

 It is the heart that matters the most. :)

Susan Feniger's Street

After hearing strories of how my parents met Susan Feniger in Singapore, I told myself that I had to check out her restaurant. Apparently, my mum didn't know who she was at that point but striked a conversation with her and brought her around the city to try out different foods. My mum was impressed by her down- to- -earth nature and love for food!
Check out her restaurant website/menu.... http://www.eatatstreet.com/
742 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles 90038
What we ordered:
Couscous with parsley, mint, dried apricots and fresh lemon juice
Baby Back Ribs in spicy Korean miso glaze with ginger scallion cream
Tatsutage Fried Chicken marinated with sake, soy, mirin, crispy fried in rice batter, topped with spciy kewpie mayonaise sauce
It is an experience to be there. Sometimes people who work at a place do it as a routine but it is important to make every person who comes your way an impression that will last for it may be their last.

2010 Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

In partnership with California Restaurant Association & Ferdinand etz food Forum
@ Los Angeles Convention Center...
Lots of Mexican food...
Garbanzo beans
Roses made out of chips
Potatoes on a stick

Cool ice- cream machine that is able to blend fresh fruits with tart yogurt.
Custome made ice cream! In this chocolate round, it containes a variety of nuts and toppings that was mixed in with vanilla ice cream on a frozen board.


Tuesday Gathering w/ Wing, Potato chip Rock, Loving Hut Restaurant

Tuesday Potluck gathering
Tuna Salad on Cracker..
Add Veganaise or Mayonaise to a can of tuna. Stir in fresh corn kernels. Add Salt, pepper, shallots, garlic, mushroom seasoning and salt.
Fresh Salsa and Guacamole
To make the fresh red salsa: click on this link...Easy Salsa
For Wileen's guacanole, mash 3 avocadoes with 2 T of mayonaise.Add in 1 shallot, 3 T lemon juice and 1/2 t salt.
Mango salad:
Ingredients: Mangoes, cantaloupe, transparent bean noodles ( like tung hoon but use the fat ones), green cucumber, shredded mushroom roe ( pull the mushroom apart or buy thin meat strips), cilantrio, sesame seed
Sauce: Tomato Paste, Plum sauce, lemon/lime juice, sesame oil,garlic oil,  soy sauce
Slice the mangoes and cucumbers. Mix the cooked and cooled glass noodles with the mangoes and cucumbers, mushroom, cilantro and lastly, sesame seed with the sauce. Refrigerate before serving.

Ku Chai W/ Egg
Kangkong fried with Garlic and chili

My bowl of ice-kachang! :)
All these food was just for Wing! I will miss you Wing! All the best in everything you do. :)
Hiking at Mt Woodson , San Diego...to see the "Potatoe Chip Rock"
Followed by Vegan food at LOVING HUT restaurant! Awesome food! :)
Surprise from my staff..as a "thank you"!
 a voucher for foot massage, and flowers. It was so sweet of them. :)
Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.