Pizza day

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For Dr. Paul's seminar today, we had a wide variety of mini pizzas!
Sauce: BBQ, marinara, veganaise
Toppings: diced pineapples, olives, various colored peppers, onions, diced chicken, cubed roast beef, cilatnro ( for the BBQ sauce one), diced mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, shredded mozerella cheese, bits of sundried tomatoes, basil leaves, fresh mozerella cheese, veggie meat, Italian herbs for sprinkling...etc...
Directions: On the base of the crust, add the sauce, followed by shredded cheese, various toppings and finally, cheese again.
Enjoy and serve warm!~


Updates: Easter, RD day, Tropical event

Happy Easter!

Pictures of "Easter cookies"- something that we gave to patients at LLUBMC: Sugar cookies, layered with rainbow icing, topped with coconut shavings and jelly beans.

Easter egg- cake with raspberry puree in the middle, covered with white or dark chocolate...

Something special for the Friday night party since it was Good Friday..

Semi-homemade: Store-bought strawberry Angel food cake, topped with strawberry preserves, followed by coconut shavings and strawberries

Cakes waiting to be delivered...

Something that LLUMC put on the patient trays for Easter...

International R.D day fell on March 10, 2008
One of the activities we did--constructing a gingerbread house to demonstrate team work! Presenting...the administrative dietitian's"Pink bunny chalet"

Communication is vital- see the white man talking to the other person looking out of the window?

On St Patrick day, we had (green) cookies; green tinted chocolate and green sprinkles on the cookies...


Amrita and I had been planning for this Social work luncheon event for several weeks and I am glad that everything went well and smooth. Most importantly, everyone loved the food! Of course, I couldn't have done it without my faithful helpers. :)

Table setting-

Wantons and spring rolls with sweet chili sauce

Center piece on the table:
What these items were turned into-

Vegetable kabobs infused with teriyaki sauce!
Orange sesame gourmet salad topped with crispy noodles and oriental dressing:
Chicken and beef skewers: chicken satay and BBQ beef flavored, with peanut satay sauce-
Sticky rice mixed with cilantro and peas, lighten with lemon juice and zest.

Double-dipper tofu sticks:

Directions on how to make it: Add 1 cup of buttermilk and 3 eggs into a bowl. Beat the mixture well. Slice 1 box of tofu into rectangular cubes. Dip the firm tofu into corn starch before dipping into the buttermilk-egg mixture. Once that is done, repeat what was just done ( that's why it is called "double-dipper!). Finally, coat the outer layer with bread crumbs. ( Use the Asian tempura bread crumbs, and spice it up by adding 1 tsp garlic and onion powder). Pierce a bamboo skewer into the tofu before deep frying it.

The dessert table

Luscious molten lava chocolate cake:

Tropical fruit trifle: layers of sponge cake, mangoes, strawberries, whipped cream and tapioca pudding...

Drinks: Pina colada with pina colada rimmer:
On a personal note... The"Glory of Easter" play at Crystal Cathedral was phenomenal. Although pictures undeniably speak a thousand words, this play cannot be captured on photos or video. It is something you have to personally experience to really comprehend the real meaning of Easter and enjoy the play...

@Camp cedar Falls: Beautiful snow and company :)


Reflections~"Transforming lives"

Somehow I left the LLUMC/UHC Health Care Ministries Leadership Retreat at Double tree hotel a different person. After taking on the leadership position at BMC, I did my job and was focused on doing it well. However, my paradigm took a different angle after the retreat. It was more than the routine duties. I wanted to make a difference. I saw the bigger picture of how the hospital and university is integrated.

Meeting all the Vice Presidents (Daniel Fontoura, Michael Jackson, Zareh Sarrafian, Jill Pollock, David Wren, Roger Hadley, etc) and hearing their 2008 strategic focus in the facilities (University Medical Center, East Campus, Children's Hospital, Behavioral Medicine Center, University Health Care, School of Medicine) were great. Reports by Ruthita Fike on the 2007 Factors of success were helpful.

But if I have to point out one single item that made a strong impression, it would be meeting Dr. Lyn Behrens.

I was entranced by her quiet and strong leadership. Three words would sum up my encounter with her- inspired, motivated and touched.

Dr. Behrens just retired from being the CEO/President of Loma Linda University Medical Center. I thought someone with such a major position would be "up-there" but it was a huge contrast to my impression of her as a lofty and proud person.

She is one of the most humble person I have ever met. A dedicated and mission-oriented person who absolutely loves God is what I will remember of her. I had the privilege of having lunch with her and those extra moments were precious.

Most of her conversations were pointed towards God, mission work and "heart flowing with gratitude". She gave us a card- her road map in life that she puts in her wallet. Whenever she gets out of sync with life, she pulls out this road map.

She said, "The purpose of our lives is- faith, hope and love. Christ's picture is in the center of it all. Keep our eyes focused on him....He is our motivation and empowerment. Pray and bless others."

Her vision statement is in 2 phrases:"Transforming lives". "We should be crystal clear and transparent to allow God's love to shine through us. We should love people regardless of their education, health, looks and financial level..."

At the end of the day, people will not remember how you look or what you said. But they will remember how you made them feel.

Dr. Lyn Berrens made me feel good.

Transforming lives?

You bet. I am up for it! :)

(Too bad I didn't bring my camera!! Didn't get a chance to take pictures with her...)

Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.