Whenever I log in to my work computer, an inspirational message would pop up. Since it is the Easter period, this message is fitting and I would like to post it here... 

"It's Friday, but Sunday is Coming..."

     Tony Campolo, well known, pastor, sociologist and author wrote a book with the title "It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming."  He describes how Easter Friday was one of the most seemingly devastating times in human history and Easter Sabbath terrifyingly quiet but Easter Sunday-- a time of unbelievable exhilaration. Although Jesus’ death on Friday had blackened the weekend, His resurrection brought unimaginable love, light and life to the human race.
     The commercialization of Easter has made it a time of exhilaration for kids (of all ages), especially when it comes to Easter Eggs and chocolates, however, as we move into the Easter celebration, regardless of it’s pagan roots, let’s meditate on the undisputable fact that what is also celebrated during this time is a unimaginable gift from God: the gift of eternal life.  Jesus' resurrection adds poignancy to the phrase, "It's always darkest before the dawn."  As you read this, you may be feeling discouraged-- life may seem so stressful or even overwhelming... take courage in the fact that regardless of your situation, God knows about it and will direct your journey as you invite Him to...
This brings new meaning to, "It’s Friday, but Sunday is Coming!"


I had to work this Easter weekend but it was a blessing to be at work. We did different things for staff and they were appreciative. Raffled out Easter basket with goodies and gave candies/ chocolates out to everyone. All Nutritional Services employees received a free meal- entree, vegetable, starch and fountain drink. In addition, at BMC, we did a guess-the-number-of jellybeans. 

The number of beans inside the jar was 1255...and two people guessed 1250! I had to provide another gift for them to choose. 

Easter Cafe Menu at MC: Potato spinach quiche, Nut burger patty, scalloped potatoes, asparagus almondine, tomatoes providential...etc.......

BMC Cafe menu: Braised short ribs, Spiced beef, mashed potatoes, rice, nut burger patty w/ gravy, asparagus almondine, cheese stuffed shells w marinara sauce.....etc..
Someone did this "mouse" on a hard boiled egg....the eyes were made of cloves, "mouth" was made of carrot..and the "ears" were made of sliced almonds. 

Thank you Lord for giving us hope with your resurrection.