almond biscotti & prune lapis

Mummy's friend told her about this famous peanut ice kachang...and we went there to check it out since we were around the vicinity. It's really good...beneath the peanuts is red bean paste and sweet corn. @ Tanjiong Pagar Hawker Center. ^___^ We did these 2 recipes with Irene at the last Variety baking session. This prune lapis recipe is similar to the Indonesian kueh lapis recipe that's posted earlier. The main difference is the addition of prunes...
Add pitted prunes at every alternate layer. Video for each layer demo...
Other variaiton: durian lapis
Almond Biscotti is crisp, fat-free and healthy!
egg white, 300g, about 10 egg whites
sugar, 180g
salt, 1/4 tsp
1/2 tsp butter oil or vanilla essence
Ingredient 2:
Plain Flour, 200g
Rice flour, 30g
whole unblanched almond, 250g
1. Sift rice flour and plain flour together
2. Whisk egg whites
3. Add flour into egg white mixture. Mix with hands in circular motion.
4. Pour in nuts. Continue to mix with hands in circular motion.
5. Pour into tray that is lined with paper, sides too and do not grease.
6. Bake at 180C for 30 minutes till cooked. The top has to be brown.
7. Use a very sharp knife to slice into thin slices. It is better to put it in the fridge for 1 night before cutting.
*Variation: During Christmas season, add in green and red cherries. Or, add in chocolate chips, mixed nuts, pistachio or walnuts. Able to add in mocha flavor or other essence for even more variations.

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