Yam Kueh

Ok, let's get this straight!! What exactly is a yam, sweet potato and taro?
It's called differently in US and Singapore. Friends in the US were asking me how I made the 'yam' cake. But it didn't seemed right because 'yams' are orange in color while the one i made was whit-ish color.
Anyways, here's the deal-- "yams" in the US are the "sweet potatoes" in Singapore and "yams" in Singapore are the "taro" in the US. Got it? lol. I'll be making Yam puffs soon so I'll post up pictures of Yam, taro and sweet potato to prevent terminology confusion. It's important to use the correct ingredients!
I learnt how to make Yam kueh from a cooking class in Singapore and it's absolutely my favorite! 2 methods can be done...the regular steam-and-eat OR steam-pan fry-then eat. For this one, I pan-fried it.

Yam kueh

Ingredients A:
water, 500g
alkaline water, 1/3 tsp
rice flour, 160g
Directions A:
Mix water, alkaline water and rice flour together.
Ingredients B:
Yam (cut into small pieces), 300g
Garlic, 3 tsp
shallots, 1 tsp
mushroom, 100g
Seasoning: salt, pepper, sugar, Shouyu seasoning (or any other that you have)
Directions B:
Heat wok and fry garlic, shallots, mushroom till fragrant. Add in yam and seasonings. Continue frying and add in ingredients A. Mix well. Off the fire immediately. Place it in greased molds. Steam for 15 mins or whnever the top is firm. Cool it for several minutes. Slice...and then pan fry it!
Dipping sauce:
Mix 1/4c braggs (soy sauce) + 2T rice wine + shredded ginger

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