Circus-theme Fair Catering & Sysco Holiday Show 2010

For the Benefits Fair, we had a lemonade stand, along with fruits, pretzel trail mix basket, and caramel popcorn. I didn't have my camera, and hence took pictures with my iphone instead. :)
 How this fruit display was made? Firstly, you need a square Styrofoam. ( can be bought from any arts and craft store). Using toothpicks, stick the grapes into the foam. Fill in the gaps with strawberries and kiwi. :)
Some Pictures from the Sysco Holiday food show.lots of entree like turkey, ravioli, etc...
Fig and mascarpone phyllo...
Decorate plain bundt cakes with assorted colors to make it holiday-looking
Wrap them up in bags as gifts
Wrap figs in cheese slices, and place them on top of mini toasted bread
 Blend cream cheese with the seasoning and place them on top of veggies
 What I did yesterday! Rapelling @ Joshua Tree!
 90 feet above the ground....and held by these ropes secured between rocks. It took a lot of courage, faith, encouragement.....
 But I did it!! :)
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6


LLBN Chinese Cooking Show Episode 6 to 12

Today marks the end of our 12 episodes of cooking show with Esther Choo! :)
Here's a picture with the director, Cheri :)
More pictures of Esther and I with the food. We took a picture after each recording.
The picture above shows the last episode where we made Lettuce wrap, and Mushroom Pancake :)

In this show, we made Kimchi, and Kimchi Tofu soup! It is really interesting that she puts apple in the kimchi. It taste really good, and ahh...natural. :)

7 layer Haystacks :)
Thai Vermicelli Salad, and Cantaloupe Salad.
Refreshing salads that can be made easily for a large crowd.
Cold Sesame Noodle and Vege Duck...Cool to see how it's made. The technique of rolling cannot be taught in books. You will have to watch it on www.llbn.tv, Chinese channel.
Lotus Leaf Rice and Cold Sesame Noodle. Love it..especially the Glutinous rice in lotus leaf!
Lotus leaf that is washed, and cut. Need to soak in cold, hot, followed by cold water...
Second last episode, we made Vegetarian Fish and Thai Green Curry. Vege fish looks gourmet but it is actually easy to make. :)

Picture with the crew who work hard behind the scenes! :)
I am really excited to make these recipes that Esther Choo shared, especially the Rice wrapped in Lotus leaf. It is a blessing to be able to be a part of this program and hope to do more in the future. I can't thank God enough for the way He has led me, and the simple fact that I am doing what I love. I am still learning on how I can improve and this is the first step. :) Praise God from whom all blessings flow..and to God be the glory! :)


LLBN (Chinese) Cooking Show! Episode 1-5

The past two days, Esther Choo and I have been recording a series of cooking shows for LLBN, featuring healthy vegetarian cuisine. She is the co-founder of Genesis Restaurant in Singapore and has done several cooking classes. It's my first time hosting a cooking show..(something that I've talked about for the last 3 years and I'm glad we're finally about to do it. ). It's a challenge because I am not very fluent in Mandarin. However, I thank God for guiding me with the right words to say. I learnt lots of camera-techniques. :) For example, not moving the plate or bowl when talking to the camera, and counting down to the last second when saying goodbye. It's getting better each time. :) We have done 5 shows so far. Each show is 27minutes, 30 seconds. Here are some pictures....

 Japanese Rice- with fruits!! :)

Organic Brown Rice 6 bowls C:
Roasted Seaweed 8 pieces Seaweed Sesame? 1 can

A: Shredded Seaweed 1/2 C
Chopped mushroom 1/2 C Fine Shredded Carrot 1/2 C
Chopped Onion 1/2 C Raisin 1/2 C
Chopped Carrot 1/2 C

Cubed Mango cube 1 1/2 C Seasonings:
Cubed Avocado 1 1/2 C Salt
Cubed Kiwi 1 1/2 C Sugar
Sliced Japanese Cucumber 1 1/2 C Mushroom Seasoning
1. Pan fry the ingredient A with seasoning: salt, sugar and mushroom seasoning and mix it with the cooked rice
2. Place a piece of seaweed on a pan and put the mixed rice on top
3. Put ingredient B in order on top (see demonstration)
4. Finally put ingredient C on top ( See demonstration )


有機糙米飯 六碗
烤紫菜 八片

冬菇碎 半杯
洋蔥碎 半杯
紅蘿蔔 半杯

芒果丁 一 1/2杯
牛油果丁 一 1/2杯
奇異果丁 一 1/2杯
小黃瓜片 一 1/2杯

紫菜芝麻酥 一罐
紫菜絲 半杯
紅蘿蔔細絲 半杯
葡萄乾 半杯

(一) 將(A)加調味:鹽, 糖, 味素
(二) 盤上放一票烤紫菜, 把(一)放上。
(三) 把(B)廖順序擺上(看示範)。
(四) 把(C)料再灑上, (看示範)即成美麗可愛的日式散飯。

Healthy Breakfast - Oatmeal with fruits
Cooked rolled oat 1 C

Almond/pumpkin seed( Or other nuts ) ½ T of each nuts
Papaya/apple/Avocado/banana ½ C
Raisin. honey ½ T each
Flaxseed power 1/2t
Brewer yeast power ½ t
Lecithin ½ t
Almond milk or sugarless soy milk 1C

Method : - Cut fruits into cubes. Put 1,2,3,4 into a bowl, add 5, then ready to eat


材料:(1)麥片(已熟)--1C,杏仁/南瓜子 (或其他果仁)各1/2 湯匙
(2)木瓜/蘋果/牛油果—1C , 香蕉--半隻。(水果需要切丁)。

To go along with the healthy breakfast, drink something nutritious!

Oat soybean milk..
Oat 1 C
Soy Bean ( Soak overnight) ½ C
Lecithin 1 T
Date/Honey for sweetness To your taste
Water 1L
Blend all the ingredient until it become milky


 Next: Fresh Bean curd Tofu Roll~isn't it pretty! :)

A. a Box of Tofu, blended, 8 Peeled Chinese Water Chestnut diced, 3 Mushroom diced
B. a piece of seaweed, a piece of Fresh Bean Curd Rollt
C. Seasoning: salt 1tsp, mushroom seasoning 2tsp

1. Mix ingredients (A) with seasoning (C)
2. Flattened the Bean curd sheet in (B), Spread half of the ingredients in (1) on the bean curd sheet, then put the seaweed on top of the ingredients and spread the remaining ingredients on the seaweed, put the sliced carrot in the middle and roll the beancurd sheet
3. Steam the roll in medium heat for 20 minutes, and sliced the roll
原料: A. 板豆腐一盒搗成泥, 去皮馬蹄8粒剁碎, 香菇3朵泡軟剁碎
B. 方形海苔 (紫菜) 一張, 腐皮10寸見方一張,
C. 調味: 鹽1小匙, 香菇味素2小匙
1. 將A料混合加入調味C攪拌成餡料
2. 把B中的腐皮放平, 先抹上一層1料的一半, 然後放一張海苔在其上再抹剩餘的一半餡料, 中間放一條紅蘿蔔條, 隨即捲成圓筒狀
3. 用中小火蒸20分鐘, 待冷切片
Next show: Tofu burger and Herb Salad
1. Hard Tofu (meshed) 500g Seasonings:
2. Mushroom 1 C 1 Salt 2 t
3. Celery ½ C 2 Vegetarian mushroom stir fry sauce 1/2C
4. Green Onion ½ C 3 Whole wheat flour 2 T
5. Onion 1 C
6. Carrot (shredded) ½ C

1. Mix all the ingredients; mold it into small balls around 100g size. Press it and make the form of hamburger and pan fry it on both side till brown color or bake it for 30 minutes in 170oC (turn it around in between X1)

四 豆腐漢堡


調味:鹽—2湯匙, 素耗油1/2杯,麥面粉2湯匙


Herb Salad


- 1 bunch of mint leaves, chopped
- 1 bunch of green onions, chopped
- 1 bunch of Chinese parsley, chopped
- 1 small white onion, minced
- 3 tomatoes, chopped

1. Mix all the ingredients together.
2. Just before serving mix in a dressing of 1 tsp olive oil, ¼ cup lime or lemon juice, 1 tsp honey and ½ tsp salt.



做法:1 将所有的材料掺匀;

  What we did today! The first show, 2 recipes were features: 8 treasure porridge, and Korean Rice Vermicelli ( Jap Chae)
 All the ingredients needed....for 8 treasure porridge.....
 1. Red bean 100g
2. Green Bean 100g
3. Peanut 100g
4. Lotus seed 100g
5. Gingko 100g
6. Longan 100g
7. Black Glutinous Rice 100g
8. Dates 10
9. Brown Sugar 100g
10. Water 8 C

Pressure cook all the ingredient for 20 minutes.

三 八寶粥
材料:紅豆,綠豆,花生,蓮子,白果,龍眼,黑糯米各100G, 紅棗10個,黃糖100G,水8碗


JAP CHAE- Korean Rice Noodle
Korean vermicelli 600g
Sesame Oil 3T

Ingredients A
Sugar 1/2 T
Shredded Onion 2 C Mushroom Seasoning 1/2 T
Shredded Mushroom 2 C Salt 2 t
Shredded Celery 2 C Kikkoman Soy Sauce 3 T
Shredded Cabbage 3 C
Shredded Carrot 3 C Shredded Green Bell Pepper 2
Shredded Red Bell Pepper 2
Sesame 3 T
1. Boil the Korean vermicelli until the center is soft, then drain it and put it in a pan. Then add ingredient sesame oil until it is ready for use
2. Pan fry the shredded green and red bell pepper with a little bit water till soft. Then Cook ingredient A and add ingredient in 1 and 2 and mix it well
3. Put sesame on top before serving, for decoration.

韓國冬粉 600克

洋蔥絲 兩杯
冬菇絲 兩杯
西芹絲 兩杯
包菜絲 三杯
紅蘿蔔絲 三杯
青椒絲 兩個
紅椒絲 兩個

芝麻油 3T
糖 1/2 T
香菇味素 1/2 T
鹽 2t
萬字醬油 soy sauce 3T
芝麻 3T

(甲) 先將(A)用滾水煮至軟心, 撈起滴乾, 倒入大鍋。把(C)料倒入大鍋拌勻待用。
(乙) 把青, 紅椒絲加少許水炒軟盛起。
然後把(B)料炒熟, 加入(甲)和(乙)一同炒均勻。
上桌時, 灑上芝麻即可。

Vegetables in Portuguese Sauce~ 
A. Cauliflower 200g, Broccoli 100g, White Mushroom 100g, Sliced Pumpkin 200g
B. Olive Oil 2 tbsps, Minced Onion 1/2cup, Flour 1tbsps,
Ginger Powder 2 tsp, Water 200cc, Salt and Sugar both 1tsp, Coconut Milk 3 tbsps
C. Seasoning: Salt and Sugar both 1 tsp, Mushroom Seasoning 1 tsp

1. Boil a pot of hot water and add seasoning(C), and boil ingredients (A) until everything is cooked
2. First pan-fry the minced onion with oil, then add everything in ingredients (B) and mix
3. Put the ingredients from (1) in a tray, then pour the ingredients from (2) and bake them in the oven
4. Bake for 5 to 8 minutes in 200C


原料: A. 椰菜花 200g, 西蘭花 100g, 白洋菇 100g, 南瓜片 200g
B. 橄欖油 2大匙, 洋蔥茸 1/2杯, 麵粉 1大匙,
黃薑粉 2小匙, 水 200cc, 鹽, 糖各1小匙, 椰奶3大匙
C. 調味: 鹽糖各1小匙, 香菇味素1小匙

作法: 1. 煮一鍋沸水加入 (C) 調味, 把 (A) 料
2. 把 (B) 料中的油和洋蔥茸先爆香至出味加入麵粉拌均
3. 把1料放進烤盤再把2料倒入, 放進烤箱
4. 用 200度C烤5-8分鐘即可

Sweet rice Vegetarian Chicken Roll~! 
• Cooked sweet rice(aka. Sticky rice) 4 cups
• dry radishes 1 cup
• Diced vegetarian chicken 1 cup
• Broken up pieces of Chinese black fungus (aka. Mu err) 1 cup
• Chopped carrots 1 cup
• Roasted peanuts 1 cup
• Diced green onions 1 cup
• Diced mushrooms 1 cup
• Unsalted dried bean curd skin 1 piece

• Olive oil 2 tablespoons

• Salt ½ teaspoon
• Sugar 2 teaspoons


• Use 2 table spoon of oil in pan or wok. Next add the mushrooms in a small amount of water, in addition, add the salt and sugar along with the rest of the ingredients listed. Fry in the pan or wok evenly until it is dry.
• Next cut the dry bean curd skin into 8”X12” rectangular pieces, next wrap the cooked dry ingredients into the rectangular bean curd skin pieces. Wrap them in a roll.
• Next add water into a flat pan and pan fry both sides until golden brown on each side.

• Another way of enjoying this dish is to just eat the cooked ingredients without the wrap

(一) 糯米素鸡卷
糯米饭 4C
甜菜甫 1C
素鸡丁 1C
木耳碎 1C
红萝卜碎 1C
考过花生米 1C
生葱粒 1/2C
冬菇粒 1C

无盐干腐皮 张
橄榄油 2T
盐 1/2T
糖 2T

1. 用2T油爆冬菇下调味少许水至干,再伴入其他调料,炒均匀;
2. 将干腐皮剪成“8x12”的长方形,个别包上材料,卷成圆筒状;
3. 放入平底锅加水半小碗煎至两面,金黄色即可;
4. 另一吃法:不用包腐皮,装盘即可吃。

We will be doing several more shows next week! They might air in two weeks on http://www.llbn.tv/. Chinese Channel. :) Watch out for it :)

Recipes are courtesy of Mrs Esther Choo...thanks for sharing them! The food was really yummy! You definitely got to try making them! :)
Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.