Mee Siam

Got this recipe from QIQI cooking class in Singapore. Mee Siam is one of my fave dishes. In fact, it is one of the first foods I would eat when I'm in Singapore! However, since most of them contain shrimps, I had to learn how to make vegetarian mee siam...here's my vegetarian version:

But wait, what is Mee Siam? Mee Siam was originally a Thai dish of noodle made from rice flour noodles (vermicelli) and served in a light and piquant gravy made from tamarind juice, and served with toppings such as fresh calamansi, tiny cubes of dried beancurd, chives and slices of boiled egg.Mee Siam has been adopted and sold by most of the races in Singapore whose version is pinkish in colour and sweeter because it has more sugar in the gravy.

Bee Hoon 600g
Bean sprouts 300g

Ground ingredients: Chilli paste 80g, chilli powder 1 tsp, 6 garlics, 60g small onions, 8 tsp oil

Method: Heat 8 tsp oil, fry ground ingredients. Add in Beehoon and bean sprouts. Mix.

Side ingredients: Beancurd 2 pieces, Ku Chai 50g, 6 hard boiled eggs, 10 limes

Soup ingredients: Ground: small onions 100g, chilli paste 100g, garlic 50g, mashed soya bean paste 200g

Seasoning: sugar 225g, salt 2.5 tsp

Method: Fry 120g oil. Fry A. Add seasoning and tau pok, assam water. Let it boil. Pour the gravy over the bee hoon and top with side ingredients.

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Anonymous said...

What is A? No mention of assam water in ingredients.

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