Peppermint bark

It's normally sold during Christmas. However, you can make it on your own...it's really easy to make + cheaper!!

1. Melt white chocolate candy melts in glass bowl.
2. Add peppermint crunch to melted chocolate
3. Spread a THIN layer on a cookie sheet.
4. Put in freezer
5. Break into serving size pieces

1. Do not use the regular white chocolate- has to be for candy coating type
2. Thin layer, about 1 cm- b/c thin taste better than thick
3. It's better to put it in the freezer than regfrigerator because it gives a shiny luster.
4. Add less crunch. The 'syrupy' mixture has to have a 'runny' texture that can be poured onto the tray.

Variations: - Can use almonds, flavoring, color to marble- two color swirl.

peppermint bakr1
peppermint bark 2

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