Couscous for lunch

What is couscous? In the United States, couscous is known as a type of pasta. However in most other countries it is treated more like a grain in its own right.
Applause to Peggy Trowbridge when she said,"If rice and pasta were to wed, couscous would be the offspring. It's quick and easy to make and can be flavored by nearly any fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood, herb or spice you can imagine."
I totally agree with what she said. It's very versatile and can be made like "fried rice". Patrick said that he likes his couscous in salads with tons of olive oil. And it has to be very cold. I like mine with avocadoes and cherry tomatoes as it brings out a rich flavor.
It is particularly valued for its rapid preparation time.
And this is one of the reasons why I like making couscous! It's ready in a few minutes.
~~~~~Presenting my quick lunch!!!!~~~~~

How I made it?

1. Follow the cooking instructions on the box of ww couscous. ( I added chopped garlic and used vegetable broth instead of water for added flavor).

2.Stir fry sliced shallots. Add sliced veggie ham and fry till brown. Add mixed vegetables. Finally, add cooked couscous and mix well. Top with chopped avocados and sliced cherry tomatoes.

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