chang ~ zongzi ~ sticky rice dumpling

It's been a quick week in Singapore and here are some random pictures I took:

Right: SAKURA Ice cream! @ Bugis

Left: Buffet lunch @ Holiday Inn

see that lil' girl I'm carrying? She's cute Leryl!!!

Left: Hokkaido Ice cream! Matcha green tea ice cream in red bean paste and rice balls mochi @ Raffles Place

Friends from Australia:: Uncle Ernie, Aunt Joann, Kristian, Jaunita
came to visit @ Global Kitchen

Back to the main topic of this post: chang ~ zongzi ~ sticky rice dumpling making! Call it whatever you're familiar with. I'll call it Chang since I'm familiar with that. Chang can be seen almost everywhere in Singapore. And then, I realized that it's the time of the year when rice dumplings are eaten.

How it came about...
Rice dumplings, for those who are not familiar, are pyramid shaped rice balls that have meat stuffing as well. Someone told me that rice dumplings are eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival (duan wu jie) to commemorate Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet who jumped into the river in grief after knowing that the Chu Kingdom was invaded by the Qin. People made rice dumplings and threw them in the river so that the fish will eat the dumplings instead of Qu Yuan's body. Quite a story!

Anyways, I learnt this chang making several years ago from Popo and got to do it again with her! This is her traditional recipe that she's been using for decades!
Check out this video for a glimpse of the techniques: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrcfecJVPTs
It shows Pita, popo's Indonesian maid doing it.

Ingredients needed:
chang leaf and string
dried mushroom
pandan leaf (cut into small 2" squares)
protein: like beans/ chicken
melon sugar
glutinous rice
various seasonings like soy sauce, salt, pepper, onion and garlic oil
Preparation 1:
Chang leafs: Remove and wipe leafs individually with a wet cloth (under running water) to remove the dirt.Dry the leafs with a damp cloth before using.
Preparation 2:
Marinate Glutinous rice: pre- wash and soaked for 4-5 hours.
Drain water and add seasonings like
- garlic oil (fry the garlic in oil)
- shallots oil ( ratio of garlic to shallot oil is 1:2)
- salt
-soy sauce

Preparation 3:
-Marinate mushrooms: soak the mushrooms until soft. Fry and season, chop into small pieces.
-cut melon sugar into small pieces
-cut pandan leaf into small 2" squares
-Marinate and fry protein. Use either mung bean, chicken, etc...your choice of meat. Season with soy sauce, pepper, salt, etc.

Finally, the wrapping!!! (check out video)
1. Take 2 chang leafs and shape a cone out of it
2. Fill the bottom and sides with rice and hollow the center.
3. Fill up the hole with all the ingredients and with a little more rice, cover the top.
4. Press and compact the con and wrap and fold the remaining of the leafs.
5. Secure with string.
6. Boil the chung for at least 1 hour, cooking time varies according to the size of the chang..

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