The BMC T.E.A.M Award surprise! :) :)

( T.E.A.M =  Together Everyone Achieves More)
I went for a meeting, thinking that it was a discussion about menu change for one of the programs but the manager kept saying, " I want to let you know about your department's performance, and evaluate your performance..." For more than 5 minutes, she kept rattling about it without any specific direction, and I was wondering what the problem and issue was. Suddenly, an entourage of more than 20 people represented from all departments came into the room with balloons and desserts, with the camera clicking away.... 

Needless to say, I was surprised and shocked. "What is going on?" raced through my mind. But when they said, "Congratulations, and we want to present you an award..." that I realized what was happening.  

I wanted the Kitchen staff to hear it, and be a part of it and managed go back to the kitchen, to pull a few of them out to the cafeteria for a picture. :) We were right in the middle of lunch service when that happened... 
It is heart-warming to know that people recognize the work done by Kitchen staff because even though not many of them are highly educated, they are sincere people who work hard, and do their best everyday. 

The letter read: 

Dear Nutritional Services Team,

Congratulations!! Youth Outpatient Services at the BMC have selected your team to be the recipients of the BMC T.E.A.M ( TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE) award.

Your team is an excellent example of positive teamwork with dedicated individuals working together towards a common goal. When people come together and set aside their individual needs for the greater good in support of our mission, positive and impossible goals can be achieved. Your team demonstrates that level of commitment, energy, and achievement on a daily basis.

You were specifically chosen for this award because of your consistent attitude of “how can we help” within your own team, throughout the BMC, the BHI, and the community. The daily maintenance and balancing the nutritional needs between the two buildings is a challenge at best. You have done it with Excellence. Your dedication to teamwork has a positive impact on all of us.

We invite you to display this award, share your good news, and be on the look out for another team to pass this award on to in the next six months. This can be any or team within the BMC.

 Thanks to all of you for your incredible work.

Sincerely, Youth Services Outpatient
 Success cannot be measured only in achievements, but in lessons learned, lives touched, & moments shared along the way. :) 
Thank you Lord for this award, and may you be glorified in everything we do! :) 
( pictures were taken on iphone so its a little blurry)

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