Durian lapis+ crispy sponge cake fingers + Kaya roll

I was actually planning to attend one class at Chef's Secrets- the Kueh Bangkit, Kueh lapis and pineapple tart class. However, at Irene's recommendation, that first session led to several more. I signed up for their Variety baking sessions and this was what we did at the first session--Kaya roll, Crispy sponge cake fingers and durian lapis. I love the kaya best. :) Mummy likes the crispy sponge cake fingers.
KAYA ROLL Ingredients:
egg, 10 (520gm)
sugar, 500ml (cane)
coconut milk, 500ml (freshly squeesed)
pandan juice, 1 tbsp
pandan leaves, 3 pieces
1. Using a whisk, beat the egg with a hand mixer. Strain the eggs into a bowl that is filled with sugar. Allow it to drain. Discard the bubbles/ egg yolk mixture on the sieve. Double boil the egg and sugar mixture. Stir constantly for 25 miutes. Add coconut milk and stir for 10 minutes before adding pandan. Stir altogether.
2. Remove pandan leaf. Use small-medium fire as a big fire will cause the kaya to be lumpy. Remove from heat when texture is obtain. *brown kaya=brown skin coconut *green kaya= white skin coconut flesh ROLL:ingredients
egg, 10
sugar, 150gm
ovalett, 1 1/2 tbsp
pandan juice, 20gm
coconut milk, 80gm
flour, 180gm
baking powder, 1 tsp
green color, 1/4 tsp
pandan paste, 1/4 tsp
cornoil, 75g
1. Whisk 1 for 10 minutes
2. Pour the batter into a lined cake tin and bake 8 minutes
3. When cool, spread with kaya
4. Roll up to form a swiss roll.
Ingredients: eggs, 5 (800gm)
sugar, 100gm
vanilla essence, 1/2 tsp
flour, 125 gm
enhancer, 1 tsp
1. Whisk egg and sugar until fluffy, for about 10 minutes on max speed.
2. Sift Top flour two times
3. Add in flour
4. Fold in at a fast speed, circular motion in one direction about 20 seconds.
5. Pour into a tray. Must bake immediately as it will sink towards the bottom.
6. If oven is not hot, bake on middle high rack at 180-200C, 10 minutes.
7. Cut the cake into slices
8. After so minues, over turn it and bake it again for 10 minutes.
Durian Lapis- this is a business recipe that's commercially used. The difference between this lapis and the one I posted before (indonesian lapis) is that this one uses SP while the other doesn't. The other one requires more work as it has an extra egg white batter. However, I kind of prefer the other lapis.
Ingredients A:
butter, 550g (1/2 tin +1/2 block)
condensed milk, 1 1/2 tsp (30gm)
durian essence, 1 tsp
durian flesh, 450gm

Ingredients B:
egg olk, 15
whole egg, 8
sugar,fine, 200g
flour, 120gm
Flour (plain or HK), 120gm
SP, 25gm OR 40 gm for ovalette

*Preheat oven to 150C, before increasing to 180C.
*Oil the bottom of the tray. Place wax paper over. Do not grease the sides of the tin.
1. Beat butter, using flat beater, about 2-3 minutes until fluffy. (bowl is cold). Add condensed milk (for smell), essence, durian flesh. Beat until just well mixed. (about 10 seconds).
2. Beat eggs first before adding sugar. Followed by SP, sifted flour. Beat using a wire wisk for about 10 minutes, until fluffy. Mix A and B well.Use hands, in circular motion, one direction. To ensure that all the batter is well mixed, pour into another bowl to stir the bottom mixture.
3. Bake layer by layer.1st layer- 150gm. See video demo from my other post
*variations: Prune lapis and indonesian lapis


Hazy said...

does Chef's Secrets Cooking and Baking Resource Centre have a website? I know it is located at Block 163, Bukit Merah Central, 03-3579, Tel: 6273-9558. Juz thot i check out their courses 1st.

Elizabeth told me she tried baking some of the cakes you post and her comments are good. U have impressed me with your baking too. I have to do more baking.

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe.

By the way, you mentioned that the first layer is 150 g. What about the second layer?

Cherry Z said...

Hazy! and anonymous,
Sorry for my late reply. Well, I'm not sure what their site is but the number and address is correct. To find out the courses they're offering, I go to the PA website (PASSION). Most of the classes are usually written there.
THe second layer is abt 100g ( it also depends on the size of your tin.

Selene said...

Hi Cherry!

I chanced upon your blog, and I would like to know more about the Chef's Secrets Booking and Baking Resource Centre. Can I know more about where to find the courses? Cos I don't know what's the PA website.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cherry,

Thanks for sharing these recipe. May I asked what is enhancer for the crispy sponge cake fingers? and, must we line n grease the tray?

Thanking you.

regards, ec

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