Sinfully Good Brownies+frosting!

I can't over-emphasize how good this tastes....yuuuummmyy....it's a friend's mum recipe. An unhealthy dessert if you carefully analyze the ingredients BUT all of us need a once-in-a-while treat right!? ;) hehe...

-4 square chocolate
OR Hershley chocolate powder + Crisco shortening (follow directions on the can- to measure most accurately, get a measuring cup, fill it to 3/4 water and make sure it goes up to 1 after the addition of crisco to ensure it is 1/4 cup)
-3/4 cup cup margarine

(B) 2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup flour

(C) Frosting
1/2 cup margarine
1/4 cup cocoa powder
6 T milk

First, microwave (A) until melted
Secondly, add (B) to the bowl in (A).
Use an electric mixer to beat everything together.
Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes in greased 9 x 13 pan until center is almost clear.

Combine (C) in saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from fire and add 1 t vanilla, 1 boxed sugar. The boxed sugar can be substitutted with 2 cups of powdered sugar or adjusted until a froth is obtained.

Finally, add the frosting on the brownies and leave it to cool. It must be cooled before cutting.
Before serving, sprinkle some powdered sugar

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