mummy's beancurd dessert

Today's a special day = 7/7/07!! No matter where the month/day is placed, the date is right. (In the US, we write month/day/year but in Singapore, it's day/month/year. ) At church, the pastor preached on 7-7-7... Maranatha church in Singapore....Before going to church, mummy cooked this yummy dessert for breakfast. :D She said its good for the skin/face and cooling for the body. Bugged her for the recipe....lol
I don't really know the exact english name for it but the cantonese call it "Bak Go Kai Tan"
Gingko seed, 200g
Lotus seed, 100g
Beancurd skin, 100g
Barley, china or pearl, 100g
Pandan leaves
water, 0.5L
egg white, 3
melon or honey rock sugar


1. Boil the barley with pandan leaf for half hour.

2. Soak beancurd sheet in cold water for 10 -15 minutes

3. Check the middle of the lotus seed to ensure that there are no roots. Or you can buy the ready-prepared lotus seeds. Boil it until soft, approximately 15 minutes.

4. Boil or toast gingko nut- crack the shell, remove the skin. Set aside

5. Cut the beancurd sheet into smaller pieces before adding it into the barley water. Allow it to boil for 15 minutes until soft.

6. Sweeten it by adding honey rock sugar or melon sugar.

7. Finally, add the egg white and stir briefy. Swtich off the fire.

8. Just before serving, add the gingko nut.

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