Christmas Candy Buffets :)

* Edit post...Opps, I just realized that this post was not published in December! I guess the various holiday events, trip to the East coast for Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC), and falling sick in the freezing weather put a toil on me that I forgot. :P
Anyways, here it is.....guess its nice to just see pics...and reminiscent the events :)
Christmas is a time full of gatherings and good times, with good desserts. For several parties, we had candy buffets, inspired from Reed and Kendricks Wedding Candy buffet. :)
At the Behavioral Health Institue :
Finally, at the BMC...we had Candy buffet for the PM Shift..
More pictures can be found at:

For the MC, EC, BMC, HSH Nutritional Services party, we had candy buffet too...


BMC Christmas Breakfast 2010 :)

BMC Christmas Breakfast 2010
Time for the annual Christmas Breakfast where Administration serves all employees with food. This year, the theme was "Christmas In Italy" and hence, the decorations included a gondola, tiered roman-figurine trays, masquerade masks as decoration, and worn by the managers/directors.... To sum it up, it was loads of fun and everyone enjoyed it so much! :)

Cream Cheese Crepe
Plain Crepe

Mix and Match the following:
Fruité Pureé: Blueberry, Apple, Peaches
Nature Sucrée: Maple Syrup
Nuts ( Almonds or Peanuts)
Freshly whipped Créam
Banana Pudding
Cinnamon and Sugar Sprinkle
Chocolate Syrup

Roasted Garlic Potatoes with Red and Green Bell Peppers

Yogurt Station

Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, Peach Yogurt
Cut Fruits: Blue berry, Peaches, Mangoes, Melon
Whipped Cream
Pound Cake



Hot chocolate ~whipped cream, marshmallows, Biscotti
Orange Juice
Coffee service with condiments

Almond choc dipped biscotti....


Cupcakes/ muffins Tiered Display

Orange Cranberry Muffin, Apple Bran Muffin, Blueberry Low-fat Muffin, Morning Glory Muffin, Orange Zest Cupcake, Chocolate Mint Cupcake, Chocolate Ganache Cupcake, Red Velet Cupcake

Fuji Apples

 Raffle Table
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

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