Mummy's Home-cooked food

(@ Yosemite National Park)
I love Mummy. She has a special way of showing her love through food. Mummy and Papa's visit were filled with many special moments and of course, lots of yummy food. :p Some pictures of the food she cooked...

Hainanese Chicken Rice...

Char Kway Teow
Onions, Garlic, bean curd/tofu, rice noodles, bean sprouts, eggs, button mushroom, red chilli, fresh coriander (cilantro leaves), choy sum
Seasoning: kecap manis, black pepper, soy sauce, mushroom seasoning, black thick soy sauce
1. Heat wok and add oil. Fry onion until fragrant. Add in beaten egg, followed by rice noodles, bean sprouts and seasonings. Remove from wok.
2. Add oil and garlic into the wok. Followed by red chilli, bean curd, button mushroom, choy sum and seasonings.
3. Stir in rice noodle mixture in and toss well.

Mee Rebus

Corn Soup (click to link you to the recipe)

We visited San Francisco...and ate at Sears- Famous for their "World's smallest pancake"

They bought lots of chocolate back for Noi.

We went up to the alpine mountains--Park City, Utah...at the Zematt Resort and Spa...

Beautiful hues of golden yellow from the leaves of the aspen trees

Stunning view from the top- one of the highlights of our trip

Papa was ecstatic to see many varieties of Christmas trees- maybe because he is a christmas boy born on christmas day.

Strawberry Gelato @ Paris Hotel, Las Vegas is a must-try when you visit!

The World's tallest and largest volume chocolate fountain @ Jean Phillpe, Las Vegeas

I Love you, Papa and Mummy! :)

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