BMC Christmas Breakfast 2009

It's my favorite season of the year again! :) I have not been updating my blog for the last several months but will be posting more about what had been happening in the next few posts.
This post is about CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST. Basically, it is the time of the year where Adminsitration serves food to employees...here are some pictures of what our kitchen did- despite having limitation of only having a refrigerated truck on our dock. Phase 2 of the construction ( where we will get out bigger walk-in refrigerators and freezer back) will be completed most likely at the end of the year of early next year. It's been raining a lot and hence, delaying the project...

Our 3-tier Christmas Cake - 2 flavors: fresh strawberry mousse and chocolate mousse

Bread Station- pastries, tea breads, mini cupcakes, bagels, and freshly baked breads ( baked that morning!)

Maple syrup butter, brown sugar butter, apple butter, whipped cream cheese to go along with the breads...

Beverage Station- Hot Chocolate and Coffee

Chocolate-dipped Strawberries, marhsmallows, roses on cones

Fruit Display
Omelet Bar! - Individualized just for you! Another item on the menu is garlic herbed roasted red potatoes..

Pick and Choose:Veggies and toppings

Merry Christmas! :)

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