Candy molds

Here's another "christmas-y" idea recipe for your enjoyment...
Doesn't it look cute and professional?
BUT...It's so simple!. *_^
The only difficulty might be finding the nice kinds of mold or equipments?.Once you have the stuff, bang, its easy!
Hmm..maybe I should post up another blog on the stuff to buy or needed to make it?
candy molds lollipop
Place the white chocolate into a plastic bottle (used for candy making).
Melt it in microwave or place bottle in warm water.
Squeeze it out into the mold. Refrigerate it for a several minutes.
Paint it with gel or coat with lustered sugar (opt.)
Place in cute paper cups.
*The above picture was made with silver lustered sugar. Pink lustered sugar was used for the heart. If you do not have lustred sugar, plain white chocolate looks good too. ;p
*There are various types of molds that you can buy to suit the specific occassion. For example, the above has the words, "Happy Holidays" on it.

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