Italian Bistro event

We did an "Italian Bistro" theme catering event for the Doctor's Appreciation Day on March 31st.

Pasta bar -
*Tiger-stripped butternut squash Ravioli with Applejack Sauce

*Spaghetti - regular
*Fettucini - whole wheat

Sauces -
*alfredo sauce
*marinara with meatballs

Vegetable -
*garlic asparagus with lemon zest

Gourmet Salad - Olive Garden style
*Italian dressing on the side (oil & vinegar)
*Caesar dressing on the side (creamy)

*Garlic herb breadsticks
*small bottles of sparkling Martinelli's
*water in carafes with ice and slices of lemon
*parmesan cheese & red peppers packets/bowls
*salt & pepper shakers - on each of the 8 tables

*Cheesecake bars - assortment

raspberry swirl



Prepared To-go boxes for busy doctors

I'm glad the event went well and smooth. It is a real compliment to know that the doctors were raving about the food- even a few days after the event! :D

We gave platters of strawberries and brownies for one of the parties this week...

There is a private daffodil garden located at Running Springs (near Big Bear) that is only open for 3 weeks a year during spring. Check out this site if you'd like to go: http://www.geocities.com/thedaffodilgarden/info.htm

Favorite pictures of the week~ with little Zoei and Jayce!
Happy Birthday, Jayce! :)

God bless and have a beautiful week!

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Darlene said...

so nice to see you looking great here! Take care ok, esp ur eyes!

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