Europe - Greece!

Continuation from the previous post on Italy.....
It's now Greece! The ferry ride from Italy to Greece took about 13 hrs.
First hotel that we stayed in Olympia, Tolan...
I had a nice swim in the pool.
Olympia..where Olympic Games first origniated..
It started as a worship to the gods, and sports because a part of the worship process..
The starting line of the arena..
Museum where all the artefacts in Olympia are kept..
Lunch -Greek salad! ( had that almost every meal...)
 Grilled Eggplant
French Fries & Chicken Skewers
Stopped by the Venician Fort built by the Italians in Greece
The next Hotel in Tolan......right beside the ocean! Amazing view! :)
One of the highlights of my Greece trip is swimming in the clear blue waters, with spectacular view of the mountains, and chapel in the middle of no-where. The water was WARM, and so clear that I could see fishes swimming in the water!
After the swim, I sat by the window admiring God's creation, enjoying the light breeze, and fresh air. :)
Dolmathakia me Kima - Stuffed Graped leaves with rice
Buffet Dinner!
Next morning, we went to Mycenae Archeological site
For several minutes each day, the reflection of the triangle from the ceiling is reflected on the wall....
It is the entrance to a burial site
Stepping in, you'll be brought into a huge honey-comb shaped dome ( that my camera cannot capture)..
The stones were gigantic! Imagine transporting it onto the top of a hill..
The famous "Lion entrance"
Spectacular view from the top...

Next, we passed by the Corinth Canal built by the Greeks between 1881 and 1893. It is 90m above sea level, 23 m wide, 9 km long......Amazing! :)
Potterey Demonstration at a factory...
 Items in the store...

Lunch...chicken skewers and french fries again...
 In the evening, visited the National Museum, where they featured the artefacts from the Mycenaean dynasty.
 Greek food - Pita sandwich. :)
Lastly, we visited the Parthenon. It is a temple in the Athenian Acropolis, Greece that is dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their protector. It is mind-boggling to think that this was done in 438 BC.
Check out Wikipedia for its rich history... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenon
The newly constructed Acropolis museum.
So this concludes my Italian and Greek holiday. It was a nice get-away from the routine that allowed me to experience a different culture, environment, food and experience. I had a spectacular time, from the never-ending walk in Pompeii to getting lost in Rome, admiring the beautiful streets in Florence to soaking up the romantic atmosphere in Venice, swiming in the Greek ocean and admiring the Parthenon....the list goes on........and on.....
May God bless you with everything your heart desires.
Signing off with love,
Cherry :)

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