napkin roll

I have to admit that although I do love baking, I am not a pro and have a lot more to learn. Hence, I'm taking this opportunity to learn as much as I can from various pros in Singapore! :) Most people think that dietitians know everything about food, how to cook and bake but what they don't know is that the things we learn in school is more disease-orientated or how foods can be used to heal diseases. There are tons of biochemistry and organic chemistry classes to learn how our body works biochemically. The three domains include clinical ( seeing patients in the hospitals -people who can't eat) to administrative ( management of hospital kitchens or food services) to community nutrition which involves group lectures and consults with clients who need help with their diabetes or renal condition, even clients who need help with obesity or anorexia, etc. In a small nutshell, that is what we can do.
Although the recipes I have posted or will be posting up do not reflect the absolute healthiest foods, I have to concur that I use this place as a melting pot of ideas. Anything is possible once techniques are mastered...for example, sugar can be omitted / substituted if someone is a diabetic. I hope that you'll find these recipes useful and feel free to modify it to suit your health and taste buds!
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Today, I went to the Jia lei confectionery & training center to learn how to make: napkin roll, durian cream puff and chocolate fudge cake. Here's the brief recipe for the napkin roll: Ingredients:
Egg, 5
Egg yolk, 3
Optima flour (or sponge cake mix flour) 140g
Hong kong flour, 50g ( to decrease sweetness)
water, 60g
S.P (or ovalette), 15g
corn oil, 40g
honeydew essence, a little
jam, optional
Use 2 trays, 11x14"
1. Beat egg, egg yolks, hong kong flour, optima flour and S.P at maximum speed for approximately 5 minutes. Add in water and essence and mix well, about 10 seconds only.
2. Pour in corn oil. Use hands to mix well. (Never use a mixer to add oil). Pour it into the tin. For the multi-colored look, use a paper cone and pipe the alternating colored batters into the baking tin. Start with a little before batter before adding more. Shake pan to remove air bubbles. Bake in a Baine-Marie for about 15 minutes at 170C. Hot water must be used.
3. When the cake is cooled, spread some jam and fresh cream, and roll it up like a napkin.


Hazy said...

Hi Cherry,

Great to see you updating this in your blog. I did not take any photos of what I have learn today :p and am too lazy to update my blog.

Oh yah, I am searching for the cooking school that Elizabeth mention that she went for some hands-on class. I forgotten the name. Can you recall?

Cherry Z said...

Hazy! Nice to hear from you. :) I might try out your durian recipe one day. Well, she mentioned 2 places: Creative Culinaire and Prima BITC:http://www.bitc.com.sg/home/default.asp
Seems like the latter is more of a prof school.

Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.