durian cream puff + choco variation

Continuation of the previous post:
.....these durian puffs are absolutely heavenly! *lick lips***
Ingredients (filling: durian custard)
custard powder, 30g
sugar, 120g
durian flesh, 240g
hoon kueh powder, 45g
fresh milk, 530g
Add all the ingredients and 1/4 of the milk. Mix well until smooth. Add the rest of the milk. Finally bring to a boil. Constant attention and stirring is important!
Ingredients (choux pastry)
eggs, 4
water, 235g
shortening, 125g ( use half butter and half shortening for best results)
baking powder, 1/2 tsp
plain flour, 125g
1. Sieve flour and baking powder together
2. Bring shortening and water to a boil. After it comes to a boil, quickly add in flour and stir the mixture until it comes together. Do not off the fire at this point. Only when water has been evaporated, off the fire.
3. Pour the mixture into a flat beater mixer and mix well, about 1 minute on max speed to release the hot air. Add in egg and mix evenly. Add essence.
4. Put the choux pastry into a large pastry bag, with a star tip and pipe them out on a greased baking tray.
5. Bake at 200C for 20 minutes.
6. Allow to cool.
7. Pipe in the custard or use a scissor to cut the puff and fill it in with custard filling.

Another variaiton would be to use the same choux pastry and pipe an l to give it an eclair look. Add in whipped cream +chocolate paste for the filling. Top with chopped almonds.


Rengifo said...

Like all your recipes, this looks great and easy to make. You have an amazing blog. Regards from Colombia...

Cherry Z said...

Hi Rengifo! It's cool to know that someone from Colombia is browsing my lil' blog! I'm glad you like the recipes. Stay in touch.
CZ :)

Rengifo said...

By the way, ¿is there any substitute for the hoon kueh powder on this recipe? Thanks again...

Cherry Z said...

Hi again! Yes, you can use corn flour instead of hoon kueh powder. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


I am also from Singapore. Am studying abroad and craved Singapore food and wanted to learn some stuff. Got on to your blog and saw the perfect place for recipes! Thanks! Your pastries look great. You're very talented! Thanks for sharing. God bless you greatly!

In His Love,
Coming from Australia!

Anonymous said...

They should have durian cream puffs at every bakery around the world. I really want to try this one!

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