Singapore Achar and Tom Yum Assam Fish

I just came back from Singapore couple weeks ago. It was a very short trip to get some stuff done. Even though it was busy, I managed to get some rejuvenation and rest, and ate lots of yummy food!!!
 Definitely had to visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. A one billion dollar project ...City in the garden ..or garden in the city. It was nice to hang out with my family. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to meet-up with many friends. Hopefully next trip!
 My dad and mum..
Gardens by the Bay...beside the Marina Bay Sands. (MBS)
I managed to go to 2 cooking classes. One of them taught -- Tom Yam Assam fish, Singapore Achar and Tapioca Kueh. It was delicious! The other class -- Polo bun, custard bao and Portuguese egg tart.
Tom Yam Assam Fish Recipe
Ingredients A : 150g shallots, 40g garlic, 30g turmeric, 20 g lengkuas, 3 Tbsp chili paste or 50 gm chili, 10 pieces of chili padi
Ingredients B : 500 ml thin coconut milk, 4 pieces lemon leaves, 4 tom yum cubes, 3 stalks lemon grass, 3 pieces assam peel, 90 g of assam + 400 g water
Ingredients C: 1 kg fish, 4 pieces tomatoes, 1 piece brinjal, 4 pieces lady fingers
Ingredients D: 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 200g thick coconut milk, 3 tbsp lime juice
Method :
1. Add oil into the wok, fry the ingredients from group A till fragrant
2. Add in group B, cook till boil
3. Add in group c
4. Add in group D

Recipe for Singapore Achar
Ingredients A:
1 kg cucumbers
300 g carrots
200g radish
600 g pineapple
5 pieces fresh red chili
300g peanuts
100g sesame seeds
350 g rice vinegar
350 g sugar
200g water
1 tablespoon salt

Ingredients B:
150 g small onions
50g garlic
25 g candle-nuts
20g galangal
20g turmeric
1 stalk lemon grass
50 g dried chili

1. Slice cucumber, carrots, red and green chili and radishes into slices. Add in 1 tablespoon of salt and season for 20 minutes, rinse above contents with boiling water. 
2. Fry group B ingredients until fragrant, about 20 minutes. 
3. Boil rice vinegar, water and sugar, wait till cool
4. Add in ingredients from group A to B, and pineapples, mix well. 
5. Leave dish in the fridge for about 2-3 days. Add  in peanuts and sesame seeds just before serving. 
It is best eaten a day later to allow the vegetables time to absorb all the flavors from the sauces. 
Will post more recipes next time! 
I love my papa, mummy and 2 sisters. 
It was so precious to spend quality time with them. 
Thank you for all your blessings, Lord!  :) 

Disclaimer: All the recipes posted are for my personal references and/or adapted from mentioned instructors or books. They/I reserve the rights to it. Please remember to cite your sources! Thank you.