Tuesday Gathering w/ Wing, Potato chip Rock, Loving Hut Restaurant

Tuesday Potluck gathering
Tuna Salad on Cracker..
Add Veganaise or Mayonaise to a can of tuna. Stir in fresh corn kernels. Add Salt, pepper, shallots, garlic, mushroom seasoning and salt.
Fresh Salsa and Guacamole
To make the fresh red salsa: click on this link...Easy Salsa
For Wileen's guacanole, mash 3 avocadoes with 2 T of mayonaise.Add in 1 shallot, 3 T lemon juice and 1/2 t salt.
Mango salad:
Ingredients: Mangoes, cantaloupe, transparent bean noodles ( like tung hoon but use the fat ones), green cucumber, shredded mushroom roe ( pull the mushroom apart or buy thin meat strips), cilantrio, sesame seed
Sauce: Tomato Paste, Plum sauce, lemon/lime juice, sesame oil,garlic oil,  soy sauce
Slice the mangoes and cucumbers. Mix the cooked and cooled glass noodles with the mangoes and cucumbers, mushroom, cilantro and lastly, sesame seed with the sauce. Refrigerate before serving.

Ku Chai W/ Egg
Kangkong fried with Garlic and chili

My bowl of ice-kachang! :)
All these food was just for Wing! I will miss you Wing! All the best in everything you do. :)
Hiking at Mt Woodson , San Diego...to see the "Potatoe Chip Rock"
Followed by Vegan food at LOVING HUT restaurant! Awesome food! :)
Surprise from my staff..as a "thank you"!
 a voucher for foot massage, and flowers. It was so sweet of them. :)

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darlene zhuang said...

The food looks delicious, can u or wileen come home to cook these for us too? : )
Ur collegues are thoughful to u, u should appreciate them.

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