Rolls of Fun: CCF

I found this article at STOMP...on "how to make Chee Cheong Fun's sauce!!" YUM- my all-time fave dish! I think the best one i've eaten is at the Compasspoint foodcourt. * Freshly made, steaming-hot, delicate chee cheong fun loaded with mushrooms and chives gently dipped in soy sauce.** droolinggggg*****
It's been a long time since I tried making chee cheong fun. I think i learnt it from Jialei class years ago. Will have to try and make it sometime...*cheeky grin*

** BTW, STOMP is part of ST (Straits TImes i.e Singapore's National Newspaper). I just joined their Foodie Club! It's cool to hear comments from everyone about anything under the sun...topics range from, " Best chocolate muffin' to 'Best Tim sum restaurant', etc. And, they have various recipes posted with sources coming from Singapore Naitonal Library books! *cool deal** They also have different sections under "Let's talk". It's interesting to see what fellow Singaporeans think about certain issues. There's the "Love boat" section where lovey stuff or issues are brought up. There's also 'The Tai Tai Room' for the older rich aunties to talk about their stuff. LOL *check it out...its cool** :D

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