Chocolate dips: ideas

Sally's chocolate dip recipe is awesome and simple. ^_^
Some ideas --->
1. peanut butter and cracker sandwich
2. Large or small pretzels
3. Spanish peanut clusters
4. Raisin clusters

*Put into candy cups to keep small sizes.

Peanut butter and cracker sandwich:
Slap peanut butter between the two saltine crackers. Dip the sandwich into melted chocolate candy, letting the chocolate slip over. Place onto foil board. Cool in fridge for a few minutes.
peanutbutter and cracker chocolate dip
Spanish peanut clusters:
Add peanuts into melted chocolate candy. Mix well. Eye-ball the amount of peanuts to chocolate ratio. Spoon into paper cups. That's it!!
spanish peanut clusters choco dip
*If chocolate becomes harden in the process of spooning, put the mixture into the microwave for few seconds.

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