Truffles using fondant fudge method

I made truffles using the Dry fondant fudge recipe that was posted earlier. However, I made some adjustments....rolling them into balls and coating it with caramel crunch, chocolate bits and chopped almonds.
Let me explain a little more about the ingredients since I didn't do it last time.
-Dry fondant looks like icing sugar, made of candy fondant sugar. This is usually used for candies in hand-rolled cream center, cordials, cast creams.
-Invertase is a yeast derived enzyme that splits sucrose to give glucose and fructose (invert sugar). It helps to increase shelf life and is used in any inversion of sucrose esp liquefied cherry centers, creams, mints, truffles, marshmallow, invert sugar, fondants.
-Invert sugar works similarly to honey.
-Corn syrup discourage discolorization. (like vinegar, cream of tartar, lemon juice)
note: I would reduce the sugar (corn syrup and invert sugar) by 1/2 as its a little sweet)
**these ingredients are pretty hard to find but the result is melt-in-the-mouth fudge that's irressisable**
truffles using fondant recipe

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