Glutinious Rice balls in Rice "wine"

I usually have Tang Yuan in brown sugar ginger syrup. However, I tried a new version: tang yuan with jiu niang, a kind of fermented glutinous rice, with beaten egg in the ginger sugar syrup.
I first tasted it at the Shanghai Restaurant in Monterey Park and loved it. The winey rice grains and chew sesame tang yuan in a hot, sugary broth served on a cold weather was perfect. :)
TM from China taught me how to make it....
Basically, purchase a container of sweet rice ( it's sweet rice fermented with yeast). It is usually found in oriental markets like 99 Ranch Market in the tofu section. Place half a cup of the rice in a pot of water ( about 6 cups) with 5 inches of ginger. Add more rice if you like a stronger "wine" taste. Once it comes to a boil, beat in 2 eggs and switch off the fire.
In another pot, boil the tang yuan.
To serve, place the tang yuan in a bowl, and ladle the syrup over the rice balls. :)


viv said...

hey cherry

do u know any where that have baking lesson on kueh lapis?I tried to bake it...i used the top n bottom heat in the oven but it take abt 10mins for the top layer to turn brown

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherry,
can i check with you, for the You tiao recipe, do u know how much flour is actually required for both plain and bread flour? notice that many ppl enquired about it too. thanks alot


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