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"The secret to success in life is to stay in love. Staying in love gives you the fire to ignite other people, to see inside other people, to have a greater desire to get things done than other people. A person who is not in love doesn't really feel the kind of excitement that helps them to get ahead and to lead others to achieve. I don't know any other fire, any other thing in life that is more exhilarating and is more positive a feeling than love is. " - John Stanford 



.......dots.... because I'm not sure what to title this post with. It's been a long time since I last posted anything on my blog! I missed several holidays, including Christmas. Well, here are some pictures of Christmas Breakfast at BMC. It was "magical" with "tree of life" as the theme. We had build-your-own sandwich as the man entree, which included egg patties, turkey deli slices, veggie slices, turkey patties, spinach, roasted tomatoes, and hollandaise sauce. Sides included roasted red potatoes.
 Of course, there was a center piece with home-made chocolate mousse tarts, white chocolate ganache, etc, and decorate your own ginger bread cookies. Beverage station included traditional hot chocolate with whipped topping, marshmallow, spiced tea, coffee, etc..
Well, it's never too late...i guess..;)
On to current events!! I just came back from Hawaii --Maui and Oahu.:) Here are some pictures of our trip..
 The lobby where we stayed at :)
 On our way to Gazebo restaurant for yummy white chocolate macadamia pancakes
 Papayas were SO sweet! We were scraping the bottoms of it. :)
 It was an hour-long wait to get seated...but worth it for the yummy Banana Macadamia nut pancakes.
 The beach outside Mama's Fish house :)
The fresh fish is absolutely FRESH! Ono marinated in lime and coconut milk served in a coconut shell (Tahitian Ceviche) with taro and sweet potato chips. 
 Peppercorn seared Ahi steak with heart of palm & potato gratin. Tasted amazingly fresh!
 Liliko'i (passionfruit) creme brulee....absolutely delish! Too bad we were so full or I'd have ordered another one. :)
 A happy picture of us after our delicious meal. :)
 Another shot of us along the beach
The freeways in Maui is small and goes at 35 or 45 mph. Talk about laid-back...can't get any slower..
 Ululani's shaved ice is super yummy....you got to try it if you go there...i love the Macadamia nut ice cream.
 Sunset @ the Royal Lahiana Luau.

 With one of the performers...
 A shot at our hotel...
 View from the top of Diamond Head, overlooking Honolulu
 It is amazing and breath-taking.
 We made it up before it closed :)
 Hawaii is truly a tourist dream spot...
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