Sysco Spring Food Show 2012

Those who have been to the Sysco spring food show know what I mean when I say that I "ate until surfeited collapse". The food show is a showcase of many different cuisines and new products. As usual, I went with an empty stomach in preparation for the food attack.... 
I was not able to take pictures of all the food but appreciated the fact that I was able to enjoy the day immersed in a sea of food-lovers like myself.
 I like the idea of having the cake placed on top of a vase filled with the different types of food reflecting the flavor of the cake. So for example, the carrot cake had fresh carrot. Chocolate cake had cocoa beans and chocolate chips, Lemon cake had lemons in the vase...etc..
 Using mirrors to accent the display...
 A new breakfast product that I like:
 piano made out of chocolate...
 assorted chocolate products
 Herbal lemonade:
Ingredients: 3 gallons Lemonade, 4 oz dill, 4 oz mint, 2 oz basil, 3-5 sprigs rosemary, edible flowers to garnish.
~ Place herbs and lemonade in container. Add water to top and stir vigorously, muddling the herbs to release flavor. Let stand for several hours if possible. Add ice and serve. If more lemonade needs to be replaced, keep the herbs in the same containers all day. Mix and muddle! Replace herbs daily.

Demo of how beef is dissected :(
Also, there were many technological products for business to attract more customers. Another cool idea was to in-print the name and logo of any company/ event onto a disposable plate.
Looking forward to the next show! :)


Christine said...

I always miss the food show :(
but lovely pictures!

Marco said...

I'm going to the NM show cant wait!!!!

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