BMC Kitchen Construction Project

I am not lamenting but last Monday, I worked from 4.30 Am to 8.30 PM.
Last week's working hours amounted to 75. On top of that, I was on call that weekend too.
I've been working non-stop since the start of our construction project on July 13. It's been a long waited project that needed approvals from various governing boards. We finally received the last blessings and was able to start the sewage waste line repair, along with the addition of a walk-in freezer. It will take approximately 44 working days to complete.

In the meantime, the whole kitchen is shut down and we do not have access to water, ice, or any food in our kitchen. All the food production is done off site at East Campus and brought over in the van. A lot of food safety measures are taken to ensure that the food served is safe for consumption and within regulatory guidelines.

A temporary wall built at the previous hot deck to separate the cafeteria from the kitchen. Patient tray line is done in the cafeteria. It almost seems like we are "camping" with limited space and have to make do with simplicity.
This is a wonderful learning experience. I am glad for wonderful staff who are supportive and willing to adapt to the new working arrangements. :) May God bless this project as we pull through this together. The results will be worth it!
A brand new walk-in refrigerator and freezer. :)

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