Sysco Food Fair in LA County

If you have never been to the Sysco Food fair, here are many pictures to wet your appetite or get your creative juices flowing!

What is Sysco? Here's an extract from Wikipedia"
"SYSCO Corporation is the largest foodservice distributor in North America. It distributes frozen foods, various canned and "dry" foods, "fresh" meats, imported "specialties", and fresh produce. The company also supplies various non-food items, including disposable napkins, plates, and cups; tableware, cookware, restaurant and kitchen equipment, and cleaning supplies.
SYSCO, an acronym for Systems and Services Company, services over 400,000 customers, which include
restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, schools and colleges, summer "camps", hotels and motels, and industrial caterers, as well as regional and national chain restaurants."

Loma Linda University Medical Center orders almost all it's produce and products through Sysco. Hence, this was an important fair that all the managers from the Foodservice Department had to attend!

Pictures of beautifully carved blocks of ice; various fruits & vegetables!

Lemons in glass stand acts as a nice base for the flowers

Various equiptments, cookware, elegant plateware, classy setups were seen...

A wide variety of fresh vegetables... and fish

Ideas on how serving tables can be set up...

Different types of drinks...

Tamarind flavor was great!

Crushed candy to decorate the rims of glasses...

Seriously, I was stuffed-up. I left with an empty stomach, anticipated to eat everything...but...I couldn't! Only managed to taste-test essential items that could be possibly brought over to BMC!

Gyoza, dim sum, wontons...

Kabobs to be used for a tropical theme event I'm planning next month.

Japanese/Korean/Asian food...

The Mexican Corner...

Chocolate/cheese fondue fountain!

Bamboo rice? Aren't the bean/rice displays pretty?

I love this layered look! It's a huge bread layered with various types of vegetables!

A huge array of salad dressings:

Healthier snacks that can be brought in for Adolescent/Child group:

Granola Parafit that I'm thinking of adding to the menu:

Breads are always a staple. I might use the par-baked pizza crust for our pizza-days instead of the current frozen ready-made pizzas.

All things fried~sweet potato, apple pie balls, etc...

A few ice cream booths...

Excellent assortment of gourmet cheeses!

Delicious crepes and kabobs

Right now, feast your eyes on pictures of rich, beautiful and gorgeous desserts! (For my own notation, I have sepearted them into catergories according to various vendors carrying the items so that I can order them for fancy events).

You might be thinking, "Is that what a Manager-operations dietitan does? Going to Food fairs to sample food and look at pretty things?" No...it's a small part of the job although it's one of the highlights of being one. :) I get a preview of the latest and coolest innovation that is out there in the food industry and decide if it should be brought to the facility. It's amazing to see what is out there!
Many pre-made items help tremendously when it comes to mass cooking. I love baking and cooking but home- made items do not play in the commercial food industry where numbers and timing are of essence.
Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my day at Sysco today! Take care and God bless! :)

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