turnip cake "luo po gao"

It can also be called "Taiwanese luo po gao" because it is plain and does not contain ingredients like mushrooms or meat, which the Cantonese version usually have.
Jesse, a Taiwanese friend told me that she would simply eat it as it is, plain or pan fry it to make it crisp. It's great dipped in a sauce. *lick lips*
Well, her mum shared this recipe over the phone and hence, we had to decipher what exactly had to be done. It sounded easy, "1 cup flour to 1 cup water. Mix everything and steam." We made this several times before I felt confident enough to post this recipe up!
LOL ^___*
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lo po gao

This "luo po gao" is siMpLy EASY and qUiCk!!!
white radish, 1 ( approximately 20 cm)
rice flour, 1 cup*
(as mentioned earlier, the ratio is about 1 cup flour to 1 cup water. However, i felt that 3/4 cup would make it more firm for pan-frying. The size of the turnip might also affect the amount of water/flour used)
water, 1 or 3/4 cup*
salt, dash
white pepper, dash
sesame oil, 1/4 t
onion, garlic powder, 1 t
*note: 1 cup used is equivalent to the chinese cup used for measuring rice, which is approximately 3/4 cup of american 8 oz cup
Using a carrot peeler, remove the skin of the radish. Chop it briefly, large enough to be easily blended by the blender.
Add 1 or 3/4 cup water into the blender to allow smooth grinding of the turnip. When it is finely grounded, pour the mixture into a bowl.
Add 1 cup rice flour into the bowl. Add seasonings. Mix well.
Pour the mixture into a greased tin and steam it for approximately 20 minutes, or until it is firmed when pressed.
Slice and eat or an extra step would be to pan-fry it.
Sauce: Any kind of thick soy sauce. What i used was ABC kecap manis mixed with the chili paste that i made for chili tempeh.
pan fried lo po gao

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