chili tempeh ( indonesian)

Ever experienced an intense burning sensation that nothing can soothe? Everything you touch feels "hot." This was what happened to my fingers the whole evening. Goodness....I will never remove chili seeds from soaked dried chili with my bare hands again. It wasn't a few chili but a whole bag full that caused my fingers to look swollen red. ( making chili paste for other dishes) Anyways, i guess it was worth the effort because i love aunty Rose's chilli tempeh!

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I can still remember carrying this dish back to the US from Singapore in my luggage hoping that the customs will not know. haha. They didn't. It was so sweet of her to make a whole container for me just because I said I love it. I always believe that it is better to teach someone how to fish that give them the fish. Hence, I asked her for the recipe so that I can make it myself when I've finished eating the ones she made.
BTW, I did not follow her recipe word for word because I had extra of several ingredients. Play around with Asian cooking- you'll never go far off ^_____^

chilli tempeh
Presenting aunt Rose's recipe in her own words....
16 dried chili soaked in warm water for 1/2 hour. Remove the seeds ( with plastic gloves! LOL)
1 big onion
20 small onions
3 garlic
blend everything together
Fry a piece of galangal or lengkuas (powder form works too if you do not have a whole piece). Then fry the blended ingredients. Put 3 bay leaves and fry until the color turns darker. Add salt, palm sugar or sugar. ( i like gula melaka sugar). Off the fire and cool the mixture.
Deep fry the tempeh, peanuts and potatoes. Cool it.
Stir everything together. Able to last in the fridge for a month!

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