Korean shaved ice- Pat Bing Soo

It's the best time of the year to eat this ice dessert! It is very easy to make and it requires a shaved ice machine. The main ingredients consist of fruits, red beans, condensed milk, mochi and ice cream.

As you can tell in this picture, I added kiwi, peach, lychee and mango. The mochi and red bean can be purchased from any Korean markets.
Stay cool and cheers to a beautiful weekend! :)


Richard C. Lambert said...

which is a known anti-microbial ingredient (Mouritsen 315). This has led the shiso being utilized as both a flavorful herb and a preserving agent. The famous unripened Japanese plums known as Umeboshi are pickled with red shiso, which in turn dyes the plums red. Sarah Arianna Ecklid

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