First attempt at strawberry crepe cake

Filled with layers of whipped cream, dried strawberries, custard....
It is important to use dried strawberries instead of fresh strawberries to reduce to moisture within the layers. I had my first crepe cake at Lady M Cake and loved it. It was pretty expensive at $8/slice. After trying all their varieties at the store- green tea, citrus, strawberry and signature, I decide to make a strawberry version.
I brought this cake to a strawberry dipping party and everyone loved it! :) I thought it was a little "heavy" with the custard but they told me it was perfect. :) Cheers!

Orange chicken on top of spring mix salad 😊

It was a busy day and I wanted to prepare something quick and healthy. Since Z loves orange chicken, I decided to add it on top of salad instead of the usual rice.
I added strawberries, apples, orange slices to the spring mix and topped it off with orange chicken. He loved it! Yay! :)

Fruit salad stand outside where I work...

Many varieties of fruits
I chose the fruits I wanted. They topped it off with lime and chili-lime powder. Tasted pretty good, especially since the fruits were sweet.

My new obsession

With acai bowls and juice bars! There are so many around where I live - beverly Hills and west hollywood. I can wander into a stall and look at every menu, item and presentation to get a feel of their business package. Getting ideas for possibilities!

Scratch bar

Juliana and I did a girls night out and wanted to try something different. Went to this restaurant that makes food from scratch. My verdict is - don't think the food is that great for the price paid.


Last night, I met up with my friends...went to Santa Monica pier, and tried a CRONUT! Mix between crossaint and donut. It treated good but I do like a good donut. We also had dinner at real food daily, a vegan restaurant. Yum!

Tonight's cooking

What I made this evening...from the stuff in my fridge :)

Kale Salad w pear, avocado, tomatoes,  blueberries, parmesan cheese, truffle oil/salt, black pepper 

Couscous salad w truffle oil, sun-dried tomatoes/peppers, onion, garlic, topped w avocado

Kimchi fried rice w crab meat and peas

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