Asia Trip - Malaysia

Started off the Asia trip in Malaysia. We drove up to KL, stopped over in Melaka and walked along Jonker Street. It is the one of the largest street markets I have ever seen. Rows and rows of small stalls were selling local products. They are only open on the weekends.
In Penang, we met up with my cousin, Lisa and aunty Doris. Good food can be found at every corner and some of their specialty food include; fried kway teow, mee suah, laksa, chendol, rojak...more pictures of  food and our trip can be found at this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150624711086611.391066.731096610&type=1
 I am a follower of Su Yin's blog and was glad to visit her store in KL at Pavilion. The goodies are as yummy as the posts she writes. :)
The Adventist Bakery in Penang Adventist Hospital is constantly packed with people. Maybe I was there during the rush period but the cash register was ringing non-stop. It is impossible to find an Asian bakery with vegetarian meat products in the US. They had vegetarian hot dog buns, sprouted steamed buns, sprouted whole wheat bread...etc..
Met up with Ps Toh See Wei, CEO of Adventist Penang Hospital. It was really nice hearing his stories. The picture frame in the background shows a futuristic picture of PAH with 600 beds. May God continue to bless his ministry there. 
It was such a relaxing trip! Facial and Massages at my cousin's spa....If you are ever in Penang, visit SOUL BALANCE :)
Will post more Singapore pictures in the next post.... :)


Greetings from Singapore & HBD Darlene!

It's been three years since I last came back to Singapore. Many changes. New sights. Fun happenings. This last-minute trip is almost ending but I am glad that I got the chance to come back home for couple weeks. It is so nice to catch up with family, friends and grandmas. Of course can't forgot the yummy local foods! I will post more pictures of my trip but I just wanted to dedicate this post to my lovely sister Darlene.
It was her birthday yesterday and I am glad that I got to be back for her birthday.  
We all love you...and God loves you too! May this year be better and richer with lovely promises from our Heavenly Father. You deserve the best. Gan batte! Love you!
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