Tarts W/ Chocolate Ganache, Topped W/ Berry

Made these mini tarts for a Graduation party :) 

Healthy Carbohydrates.....

Few weeks ago, I was one of the speakers for the Wellness Health Seminar at Loma Linda Chinese Church. The topic I was asked to present focused on what healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates are. Here's a brief summary of the powerpoint slides, adapted from Dr. Hall of the Wellsource group. Throughout the presentation, many studies were given to demonstrate the effects of how these 4 factors helped with a host of diseases.
The 4 factors are:
1. Eat more fruits and Vegetables
2.Choose Whole grains
3. Avoid a high glycemic Load
4. Eat more high fiber foods

What are carbohydrates?
People usually associate carbohydrates with white bread, pastry and rice but it includes a host of other food like soda pop, sugar, candy, sweets, french fries, and refined breakfast cereals.
Healthy carbohydrates are:
-plant based foods that have not been highly refined or processed
-high in dietary fiber
-high in antioxidants, phyto-chemicals
-absorbed more slowly ( hence normalizing blood sugar and insulin levels)
-moderate in calories but high in nutrition.
Examples include fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains...These foods can help prevent obesity, diabetes, CHD, certain cancers, strokes, digestive problesm such as constipation...

Practical ways to increase your intake of high-fiber foods:
1. Eat more fruits
2. Eat more vegetables
3. Eat more whole grains
4. Eat more legumes
5. Choose fruit/vegetable juices ( instead of soda pop)
6. Eat Nuts and Seeds
7.Eat less refined foods
8. Read food labels

In conclusion, I talked about the story of Nina Wang, Asia's richest women with an estimated net worth of US $4.2 billion at the time of her death. She is the 35th richest person in the world, according to forbes magazine, a fortune which exceeded that of American talk show host Oprah Winfrey, but she spends s$600 per month on food from KFC and McDonald's. She died of Ovarian cancer and left her entire estate to the ChinaChem Charitable Foundation.

A Billion is 1000 millions in USA, that is 1,000,000,000...

Nina Wang left behind a fortune of US$4000,000,000.

Without health as Number ONE, everything became ZERO for her. 

The speaker after me spoke about the effects of stress and health. One of the ways to cope with stress is to have vacations and spend time with your loved ones. I am so blessed to have my parents and sisters here with me in the US now! :) So far, we have visited Park City/ Zermatt Resort and Spa in Utah,Yellowstone national park in Montana, Las Vegas... It has been rejuvenating and I thank God for this precious memory and moment.... :)
 Old Faithful :)
I love Yellowstone National Park...it is a breathtaking place.... :)
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