Healthy People 2010 & Pictures

Catering for Employee forum at BMC...
Some pictures...

To make, purchase a cone-shaped foam and use toothpicks to stick the cut fruits into the foam.
The "palm tree" effect with the leaves on the top came from a "fake" plant that we took apart...

Healthy People 2010 was awesome!!! :)
For all the videos and lecture outlines, check out : http://www.healthypeopleconference.org/.
I really enjoyed Dr. DEAN ORNISH's presentation!
One pointer he shared was:
To have optimal health and wellness, WE need to be in a community where we can be connected with others. We are created to be loved -and love.
Illness results when "I" comes into place, and neglect the importance of others.

Here is one of my favorite pictures over the Lunar new year...

God bless!

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