Glutinious Rice balls in Rice "wine"

I usually have Tang Yuan in brown sugar ginger syrup. However, I tried a new version: tang yuan with jiu niang, a kind of fermented glutinous rice, with beaten egg in the ginger sugar syrup.
I first tasted it at the Shanghai Restaurant in Monterey Park and loved it. The winey rice grains and chew sesame tang yuan in a hot, sugary broth served on a cold weather was perfect. :)
TM from China taught me how to make it....
Basically, purchase a container of sweet rice ( it's sweet rice fermented with yeast). It is usually found in oriental markets like 99 Ranch Market in the tofu section. Place half a cup of the rice in a pot of water ( about 6 cups) with 5 inches of ginger. Add more rice if you like a stronger "wine" taste. Once it comes to a boil, beat in 2 eggs and switch off the fire.
In another pot, boil the tang yuan.
To serve, place the tang yuan in a bowl, and ladle the syrup over the rice balls. :)


Nian Gao

A friend's mum made Nian Gao ( Sticky cake made of glutinious rice flour that is typically eaten during the Chinese New Year ) that is yummy and easy to make... Here's her recipe..


1 IB Box Mochiko Flour
1 LB brown sugar candy

2 C Water
1 can coconut milk
1 Tbsp oil

Put sugar and water in pan and heat up until sugar dissolves
Put michiko flour in container
Add sugar water and coconut milk
Mix together with oil.
Pour mixture into greased microwave pan and microwave for 15 minutes.

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