Simple Trifle

What I made in minutes -A strawberry and mango trifle. ^^

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Asia Trip

A pause in life allows time for one to reflect.

My 2 short weeks in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong allowed me to relax and spend quality time with my family. It was a get-away from the mundane routine of daily life that I really needed.

It has been years since I celebrated Noi's birthday since her birthday was right in the middle of a quarter that I couldn't have left the US for. We went to Grand Shanghai to celebrate it with food and music. The lady sang her happy birthday thrice!

I love my grannies! :)

It was a food expedition for me! It was a long time since I got to eat all the authentic Singapore fare. Total luxury for my taste buds, I should say. I took only a few pictures of the food as there was just too much. :p The above picture was taken in Chinatown and we were about to eat Peanut Ice Kachang.

Yummy carrot cake, laksa, freshly squeezed sugar cane juice at Laguna Beach.

Definitely have to eat Durian in Asia!

I saw this poster at the Botanical Gardens.

Eating again with sisters at City Hall~ Malay/Indian food.

Late-night hot pot at Balestier.

Imperial and Herbal Restaurant at Vivo City.

Potato baskets with egg white

Fresh Coconut Juice

Japan food court @ Tampines Mall

Yan Ting @ St Regis

This tofu dish was beyond heavenly.

Marina Barrage & Singapore Flyover. The view was breath-taking and as much as I wanted to capture the spectacular view on the camera, it wouldn't capture it. "THE MOMENT" will be etched in my memory.

Eating again at Balestier...tofu fah and you teow. The food list and pictures are endless and hence, I would to stop here and move on to the next destination- Malaysia!

Driving up to Penang was awesome because we had the chance to stop by Kajang and KL. The satay, kutupat, peanut sauce at Kajang was THE BEST we've ever eaten...no kidding. We re-ordered 5 times!
Visited out Adventist Penang Hospital
Love this mini gadget on the table at a restaurant.
Eating at Teochew restaurant with cousin Lisa and aunty.

Final lap and last stop: Hong Kong!

Beautiful lilies outside Pacific Plaza mall.

My mouth is watering as I reminiscent this simple noodle soup at Central.
Yung Kee restaurant in Central is a must-go place! It has the best century egg. I bought 4 boxes back to the US. :)
One of the many random pictures taken along the market streets.
A nice Thought For the Day at HK aiport Starbucks, " The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others".
Blessings to everyone! :)
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